SWOT Analysis On My Self Essay

Strengths: * I am pretty easygoing and I respect others’ views and opinion. When doing projects, I am good at listening to what my teammates have said and their ideas will be accepted if sensible. When getting along with my friends, I often pay a lot of attention to their feelings so that I can response and try to make them happier * Moreover, I am eager to learn new things as I believe that life is a never ending learning experience. I have the ability to learn new tasks and pick it up quickly. Responsibility is also one of my personal characteristics. I am convinced that everyone has their duties and these tasks must be done well. That’s why I will put a lot of effort in doing my works to make it more perfect.

Because it is what I need to do! * I have a lot of extra-curriculum activities experience. Weaknesses: * I have a strong, compulsive need to do things quickly and remove them from my “to do” list, and sometimes the quality of my work suffers as a result. * Honestly, I am an impatient person.I tend to lose my focus if topics are not interesting me. Besides, I can be distracted by others easily from my studies so I need to have a silent environment to do my works. * Sometimes, I do things without planning. I need to remind myself many times so that I won’t forget something important. From now on, I promised to be more organized and improve the time management of my jobs.

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* Poor English skill . But now a days working on it to have full command on English. Opportunity: To engage others in providing feedback about their experience of me. * To learn from others in similar roles to mine. * To enhance my ability to manage the need to complete task quickly in order to be able to deliberate more carefully.

* To enhance my equanimity about work-related tasks. Threats: * In today’s society, there are more and more people who have received tertiary education. In order to maintain competitive so as to find a good job, knowledge and skills learnt from engineering education is not enough.That’s why an all-round education is emphasized. Leadership and good communication are important for me if I want to have a remarkable success in my career. * The knowledge taught by professors in the lecture may not be easy to understand.

If my preparation for the lecture is not sufficient, I may find problems in learning it. * High competition among the degree students. * Unemployment increase, high competition between unemployed and graduate students.


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