Sustainable based on sound use of natural

Sustainable urban development refers to thedevelopment of all the social, economic and political aspects of human beingsin cities, in addition to meeting the needs of the present generation, toprovide the needs of future generations.

.Sustainable urban development has been built as part ofsustainable development based on sound use of natural resources, and in thistype of development, environmental, economic and social considerations areconsidered together. Therefore, a sustainablecity is a developmental process that has provided the mentality and thepossibility of continuous improvement of the socioeconomic and economic ecologyof the city and the region, making this mentality and opportunity a reality andaction. . Sustainable urban development, along with beingresponsive to current humanitarian needs, does not endanger future generationsto meet their needs and demands. .

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Engineer Mohammad Allah Negizadeh, an employee of aprivate construction company, said that due to the increase in illegalconstruction, the lack of implementation of urban masterships, non-mosquitoesand standard buildings and some other cases, it is impossible to resort to sustainableurban development, especially in Kabul city. .The increase in the population, especially in someof the major cities of developed and developing countries, includingAfghanistan, has had significant growth, which has somehow become a barrier tosustainable urban development. . According to United Nations statistics, cities in 2020will account for 75 % of the world’s total population , which holds about 2 %of urban space.

Therefore, this unusual densityof population and the general need to absorb basic resources will lead toabnormal exploitation of local resources and the exploitation of neighboringresources. . A number of scholars call sustainable urban developmenta product of new social, spatial and environmental justice. .

The effects of this development will continue withunpredictable waste of cities and pollution and diseases and species of lifewill be marginal to the product of this development. . Scientists believe in sustainable urban development,most importantly, to facilitate institutional change by improving and access toideas, opportunities for innovation, providing employment and adequate servicesfor current and newly arrived residents, ensuring a healthy and attractiveenvironment to attract urban populations. At the same time, protecting naturalresources and reducing harmful effects in vast areas is considered importantfor future generations. . What enables urban areas to change and improve urbanquality is the scale and density of cities and their economic and social diversity.. However, Minister of Urban Development HassanAbdullahi, in an article posted on the site of the ministry, said that a goodmanagement would need institutions to detect and balance scattered resources aswell as a commitment to take the necessary measures for social welfare .

Mr. Abdullahi has written that reforming andsustainable urban development should accelerate the process of democracy in thecity, appropriate incentives and appropriate measures for sound financialmanagement, the development of skills and expertise of government employees,monitoring and evaluation on a compulsory basis. . The Minister of Urban Development points out areas suchas the expansion of the city’s boundaries, the introduction of new residencesto prevent the spread of poor neighborhoods in the future, and thetransformation of urban areas into decent residential areas that should be putinto the agenda of urban development strategies. . Sustainable City Features Mr. Abdollahi has called for improvement of the qualityof human life, developmental use, utilization of renewable resources,development for all present and future generations from the requirements ofsustainable development.

. He also called for the continuous improvement of humanquality of life, the exploitation of the achievements of development for thecitizens and the preservation of the environment as a feature of sustainableurban development. .

In fact, in the process of sustainable development of apeople in a city, region or country, without harming the resources of futuregenerations, they try to improve their quality of life and the use of naturalresources, so that future generations also risk the supply of resources Did notfind . In this way, they try to improve their living standardsusing water and soil resources, while not preserving these resources for futuregenerations; in fact, while exploiting natural resources, these resources areat least as much as the present generation in Available to future generations. Building experts say that although the characteristicsof the big cities and the small universe are very different, but many urbansustainability categories are similar.

. These days, especially in Kabul, there have been somestrikes on how to reduce traffic congestion, eliminate pollution in the air orland, provide adequate housing for everyone, provide infrastructure that,instead of demolition, causes Strengthen natural environments, createsustainable local jobs and promote equality and quality of life. . Many sustainability-relatedmeasures can take place in industrialized countries, as well as in developingcountries .

Development, regardless of culture, climate and thelong-term interests of citizens, can cause serious damage to the city and itscitizens. In a city like Kabul, how candevelopment be used to lessen environmental degradation and environmental andnatural resources? The city of Kabul is heavily dependent on itsenvironment to supply its resources and dispose of its waste, and this issueitself promotes instability. . The Dream of Urban Sustainability A number of engineers say that realizing sustainableurban development in Afghanistan, especially in big cities like Kabul, is adream and can not be called even to the city of Kabul.

. Engineer Mohammad Allah Negizadeh, an employee of aprivate construction company, said that due to the increase in illegalconstruction, the lack of implementation of urban maestro, non-mosquito andstandard housing and some other cases, it is impossible to resort to sustainableurban development, especially in Kabul city. .”During the past few years, hundreds ofsettlements and thousands of illegal houses in Kabul have been built bypowerful and wealthy people, which is one of the basic challenges facing amodern city,” said Mr. Negizadeh. In a citywhere most of the settlements are usurped and urban planning standards are notmet, it can not be likened to a modern city.

. »He also says that overcrowding in Kabul is also achallenge to shake urban plans and plans. .He said that, at present, large cities are the maindriver of cultural and economic development and have a large part of thepopulation, and this growing population is also one of the main obstacles tothe realization of sustainable urban development. . He added that the development of the city should befostered in a perspective consistent with the principles of sustainability, andthis perspective should be far from unprofessional actions or lack of researchin the field of urban development: “In such a way as to find the best wayto provide the welfare of citizens, The maximum compatibility with theprinciple and pattern of sustainable development can also be achieved, and inurban development, the possibilities and constraints of the future culture, climateand long-term interests and the role that such a city in the country isintended to emphasize.

. » According to him, in order to realize sustainable urbandevelopment, the possibility of establishing sustainable human development andimproving social welfare of citizens, establishing social justice, coordinatingclimate design with human environments, strengthening social solidaritystructures such as commitment and accountability, strengthening social andfamily foundations, and restoring the global environment should be provided. Tobe. The authorities in the major cities of the developedcountries are trying to compress the city and increase its density, preventingits horizontal growth. .

Urban planners also believe that the damage tohorizontal growth is far greater than vertical growth. Horizontal growth is an enemy of sustainable urbandevelopment, causing the destruction of surrounding land, increasing urbanspatial distances, resulting in longer transportation, energy consumption andunderground utilization. .  


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