Susan Glaspell Essay

& # 8217 ; s Trifles Essay, Research PaperFemininity vs. MasculinityTrifles, a one-act drama, written by Susan Glaspell, has an interesting secret plan about an opprobrious hubby & # 8217 ; s slaying at the custodies of his abused married woman on a privy farm in the Midwest ( Russell, pg. 1 ) . The opening scene of the drama gives us a great trade of information about the people of the drama and their sentiments. The drama portrays the ways in which work forces treated adult females during this clip period.

The work forces in the reading reflected a male-oriented society, which caused the adult females feelings of repression and unappreciation. Throughout the drama the actions of Mrs. Wright, Mrs. Hale, and Mrs. Peters resemble that of Greek mythology, where three sisters controlled the destiny of work forces ( Russell, pg.

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1 ) .The scene in which the bulk of the action takes topographic point is the kitchen. The room is described as & # 8220 ; a glooming kitchen & # 8230 ; -unwashed pans under the sink, a loaf of staff of life outside the bread-box, a dish-towel on the table-and other marks of incomplete plants & # 8221 ; ( Roberts and Jones, pg.1150 ) . This description should alarm the reader instantly that something is incorrect. In the clip when this drama was taking topographic point, the adult female & # 8217 ; s exclusive duty was to maintain the house in order. Everything I have read from this clip period has portrayed the house as a really clean and organized topographic point for the adult male to come place to. It was supposed to be a topographic point for remainder and relaxation.

The fact that Mrs. Wright & # 8217 ; s kitchen was in such confusion, symbolizes that something was disturbing her. In the paragraph depicting the scene it is told that the people entered the kitchen in the order of the sheriff, the county lawyer, and Hale. The sheriff & # 8217 ; s married woman and Mrs. Hale followed behind the work forces, come ining last. The really order in which they enter the room should give the reader a sense of the manner in which adult females are treated. The adult females stand together off from the work forces, which instantly secludes the adult females form the work forces.

In today & # 8217 ; s society it would be more appropriate to see the adult female enter foremost with the adult male keeping the door.We ( the reader ) semen to the decision that the conditions exterior is really cold because of the fact that the work forces enter the room have oning heavy greatcoats and travel over to the range to warm up. I believe that the cold, harsh conditions outside the house was symbolic of the clime and atmosphere on the interior of the house over the past few old ages.

The manner in which Mr. and Mrs. Wright & # 8217 ; s relationship was described gave me an icy, disgusting feeling. I could non conceive of populating my life in the same state of affairs as Mrs. Wright. A batch of of import information can be gathered from the really first paragraph of the drama.

As you read on, you are able to see more pertinent inside informations revealed through the degree Celsiusharacters actions, without the usage of duologue.While Mr. Hale describes the events that took topographic point the twenty-four hours prior, he tells about coming into the house and happening Mrs. Wright in her rocking chair and ruffling her apron. Even today, the swaying chair gives people a certain sense of comfort.

Just the gesture of swaying back and Forth will quiet most people, get downing in babyhood. On the other manus, the fact that she was ruffling her apron could connote that she was nervous and looking for comfort.As the drama progresses, we see a fancy box ; likely the merely cheerful thing that can be seen in the scene. The box is evidently really of import to Mrs. Wright.

We besides discover that the box contains a dead bird. The reader can reason this because of the actions taken by Mrs. Hale and Mrs.

Peters. When the box was opened one of the ladies & # 8220 ; all of a sudden puts her manus to her olfactory organ, & # 8221 ; ( Roberts and Jacobs, pg. 1157 ) normally this implies disgust or daze. Normally when something dies it begins to give off a disgusting olfactory property. The bird was wrapped in silk, demoing that Mrs.

Wright thought a batch of the bird. Mrs. Wright is compared to a bird during the drama as & # 8221 ; existent Sweet and reasonably, but sort of cautious and & # 8211 ; fluttery & # 8221 ; ( Roberts and Jacobs, pg.

1157 ) , this shows that a bird was a perfect animate being for her to associate to. The broken birdcage and the broken cervix of the fink, that was seen in the drama, leads me to believe that Mrs. Wright non merely suffered mental maltreatment from her hubby, but besides physical maltreatment. The broken birdcage shows the violent nature of Mr. Wright. Mrs. Hale shows the connexion of Mr. Wright & # 8217 ; s engagement in the physical decease of the fink and the religious decease of his married woman ( Russell, pg.

1 ) .The two ladies seem to cover for Mrs. Wright when Mrs.

Hale discovers the incompatibility of her quilting by taking a few stitches and replacing them with some of her ain. & # 8220 ; Mrs. Hale symbolically claims her place as the individual who spins the yarn of life, & # 8221 ; ( Russell, pg. 1 ) associating back to Greek mythology. When the work forces continue to jest about Mrs. Wright & # 8217 ; s purpose & # 8220 ; to quilt or merely knot & # 8221 ; it evokes a defensive response in Mrs. Hale which seems to warn them non to allure destiny.

The drama ends with the adult females go forthing the house without conveying what they had learned to the work forces. They felt justified in doing a determination non to state because of the condescending attitudes of the work forces. Their pick was to make what was lawfully right and describe their findings, or to hide the truth and justify all adult females ( Kearns, pg.

1 ) . Mrs. Hale snatches the box from Mrs. Peters and puts it in the pocket of her large coat to hide it. The adult females have no purposes of uncovering their discoveries, and seem to protect Mrs.

Wright to the terminal.


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