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Susan B Anthony Essay, Research PaperSusan B. AnthonyTeachers: Mrs. ReynoldsandMrs. PalsgroveClasss: American LiteratureandAmerican HistorySusan B. AnthonyWhat person is on the Ag dollar? Unfortunately, Susan B.

Anthony is mostnormally known for being on the silver dollar. Because of the new aureate dollar, even less at that placepeople who know what she is approximately. They don & # 8217 ; t recognize that she is the ground adult females have rights.On February 15, 1820 in Adams, Massachusetts, a adult female by the name of Susan BrownellAnthony was born to parents Daniel and Lucy ( Read ) Anthony. She was the 2nd Born of astrongly rooted Quaker household of eight ( Hist.Bio.-1 ) . Because they lived in a Friendvicinity, Susan was non to a great extent exposed to slavery.

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The household made anti-slavery negotiations anabout day-to-day conversation over the dinner tabular array. She besides saw work forces and adult females on the same degree( Stoddard 36 ) . & # 8220 ; A difficult working male parent, who was non merely a cotton maker, but a FriendAbolitionist besides, prevented his kids from what he called infantile things such as playthings, gamesand music. He felt that they would deflect his kids from making their extremum of public presentation.& # 8220 ; With a strong family influence like her male parent, Anthony became a really bright pupil.She knew how to read and compose at the really tender age of three.

She was put in a place schooltype school puting at the age of six because her instructor refused to learn her how to make longdivision. Because the school was run by a really strong-minded group of adult females, Anthony receiveda new image of muliebrity by being taught non merely arithmetic and grammar, but besides mannersand dignity. Upon go forthing this school, Susan B Anthony attended a boarding school inPhiladelphia where she remained until two old ages before her male parent & # 8217 ; s concern was lost( Boynick 47 ) .At the age of 15, Susan B. Anthony began learning ( Holland ) . At the age of 19she had already taught at the get oning school which she had attended, been a governess at in theplace of a merchandiser in Fort Edward, New York, so helped her household move to Rochester. Onceher household got settled she began making work around the house.

At the house, her male parent had day-to-dayconversations about the current issues of the twenty-four hours. She would scuffle back and Forth between thekitchen and dining room to take part in these treatments which she so passionately loved. Shewas so appointed principal over the misss & # 8217 ; section Canajoharie Academy and would keepat that stature until she reached the age of 30 ( Holland ) .It was at her school where chief Anthony became exposed to the Daughters ofmoderation. This group of adult females went right along with Susan B.

Anthony & # 8217 ; s Quaker moralcriterions. They fought for prohibition. They fought to forestall maltreatments towards themselves ortheir kids. She made her first address in 1849. A few old ages subsequently, Anthony met Elizabeth CadyStanton and Amelia Bloomer at a convention for anti-slavery. Together they published & # 8220 ; TheRevolution & # 8221 ; , a New York broad hebdomadal magazine. This magazine would shortly parish and setSusan B. Anthony in debt of 10,000 dollars ( Boynick ) !Harmonizing to writer, Hope Stoddard, Susan B.

Anthony was a house, unsloped individual. Shewasn & # 8217 ; t afraid to demo it to anyone and everyone who wanted to cognize how she felt. One twenty-four hours,during a matrimony detention conference, an emancipationist by the name of Rev. A. D. Mayo askedAnthony, in modified words, by what agencies could she take portion in treatments on matrimony whenshe was non married herself. She responded to this by stating, in revised words, that he was non aslave, so possibly he should non be taking portion in treatments on bondage. It was this sort offinding that led Susan B.

Anthony towards deriving adult females the right to hold equalcare of their kids ( Dorr 55 ) .In a period of about 20 old ages, Anthony supported the United States over theConfederate States of America before and during the civil war. Her ground for taking a sideduring the war was non merely to see the slaves be free. Anthony wanted to see all work forces equal. Shehad a program ( Hist. Works ) .A twosome old ages after the Civil War had ended, African American work forces were given the rightto vote and the right to try to populate the American dream. With this information, Anthony tookaway.

She felt that adult females should be granted at least the same rights that had been bestowed uponthose African Americans who had so late been set free. During the war nevertheless, the EqualGuardianship right faded off into nil.Once the Civil War was over, Susan Brownell Anthony got up and went about be givening tothe of import concern of giving adult females a voice in the authorities. She began to talkwhenever and where of all time she could acquire a crowd. This limited her speech production to Roughly.

. theUnited States of America. Finally, this country would broaden ( Dorr 59 ) .One twenty-four hours, Susan B. Anthony was experiencing good.

She walked down to the polls and made aballot which was already pre-registered. None of the functionaries at the canvass took her seriously becausethe ballot was already registered. But subsequently on that twenty-four hours, she walked into a vicinity pollingcountry and cast her ballot. This clip it was serious. The functionaries escorted Ms. Anthony to the tribunalhouse. The test was fixed so that she did non even have a distant opportunity of coming off inexperienced person.

She was so charged a mulct of one hundred dollars to which she responded to by stating:Your denial of my citizen & # 8217 ; s right to vote is the denial of my right of consent as one of thegoverned, the denial of my right of representation as one of the taxed, & # 8230 ; the denial of my sacredright of life, autonomy, belongings & # 8230 ; . A common man in England, tried before a jury of Godheads, would holdhad far less to kick, than I, a adult female, tried before a jury of work forces ( Stoddard 43 ) .May it delight your Honor, I shall ne’er pay a dollar of your unfair punishment. All the stock intrade that I possess is a 10,000 dollar debt, incurred by printing my paper, The Revolution, fourold ages ago, the exclusive object of which was to educate all adult females to make exactly as I have done, Rebelagainst your man-made, unfair, unconstitutional signifiers of jurisprudence, that revenue enhancement, mulct, imprison, and bentadult females, while they deny them the right of representation in the authorities ; and I shall work onwith might and chief to pay every dollar of that honest debt ; but non a penny will travel to this unfairclaim. And I shall seriously and persistently continue to press all adult females to the practicalacknowledgment of the old radical axiom, that & # 8216 ; opposition to tyranny is obeisance to God. & # 8217 ;( qtd.. in Stoddard 43-44 ) .

Susan Brownell Anthony ne’er became retired. She was ever at that place, contending that race,sloging on to accomplish vote rights for adult females. Small did she cognize, that 14 old ages after herdecease at the age of eighty-six, the 19th amendment would be passed.

This amendment, besidesknown as the & # 8220 ; Anthony amendment & # 8221 ; , gave adult females the right to vote.Susan Brownell Anthony has left many Markss in the present twenty-four hours universe we live in. If itwere non for her, many minorities would non hold the benefits that they have right now. If shehad non lived the life she lived, adult females might still be contending for the rights they have now. If itwere non for her, we would hold ne’er had her printed on the silver dollar. The universe would nonbe as good of a topographic point.Boynick, David K.

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