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Survey On Music Essay, Research PaperSurvey On MusicThis is a study being conducted for the intent of cognizing the musical facets of high school pupils. Your name is non a factor in this study since all consequences are merely tallied. As you complete this study, maintain an unfastened head and follow all waies. Responses to inquiries can be answered with a cheque grade in one of the designated boxes unless otherwise instructed in that subdivision. The end-results of this study as a whole will be released to the populace every bit shortly as possible. Thank you for taking the clip to finish this study.MUSIC IN GENERALOf the undermentioned inquiries delight reply by look intoing either yes or no.

Yes No1 ) Do you like listening to music in general?2 ) Do you like music of today instead than the music from older times?3 ) Do you cognize of anyone whose calling involves music?4 ) Do you play a musical instrument?5 ) Does anyone else you know of drama a musical instrument?6 ) Can you read from a music book?7 ) Have you of all time written a piece of music?8 ) Do you purchase your music?9 ) If you buy music, do you merely purchase one type of music?10 ) Do you listen to local wireless Stationss?11 ) Do you prefer radio Stationss instead than purchasing Cadmiums or Cassettes?12 ) Do you or anyone in your family ticker MTV?13 ) Or the BET ( Black Entertainment Television ) ?14 ) Or VH1?15 ) Do you maintain up with all of the current events traveling on in the music universe?16 ) Do you cognize of any local sets?17 ) Have you of all time been to a unrecorded concert?18 ) Have you heard of composers Beethoven, Mozart, or any other greats?19 ) Do you bask their manners of music?20 ) Do you see classical music to be? existent? music?21 ) Do you see rap music to be? existent? music?22 ) Do you hold with your parent? s sentiment about the music you listen to?23 ) In general, do you believe some music can lend to violence?24 ) Do you believe blame music has contributed to some of today? s street force?25 ) Do you believe that music can do you violent under certain fortunes?26 ) Does your type of music reflect your personality?27 ) Does the manner you dress show the type of music you listen to?LIKES AND DISLIKESTopographic point a cheque under the appropriate column for the types of music that you presently listen to.Besides, give a evaluation of that type of music from 1 to 5. 1 being low and 5 being high.LikeDislikeRating28 ) Rock & A ; Roll29 ) Option30 ) Dance/Pop31 ) Classical32 ) State33 ) R & A ; B34 ) BlameWHERE AND WHENPut a cheque in the box that best describes how frequently you listen to music during the activity.AlwaysSometimesNever35 ) In a auto36 ) Doing prep37 ) On the occupation38 ) On long trips39 ) Exercising/Working out40 ) Other: ( _____________ )Put a cheque in the box that best describes when you listen to music.AlwaysUsuallyNever41 ) In the forenoon42 ) In the afternoon43 ) In the eventide44 ) In the late darkVariationTopographic point a cheque in the box that tells how many different classs you presently listen to.45 ) 0 0 ( I don? T listen to music )0 10 20 30 40 5+ ( I listen to all sorts of music )Topographic point a cheque in the box that tells the entire sum of music classs you of all time liked.46 ) 0 0 ( I have ne’er truly liked any music )0 10 20 30 40 5+ ( I have liked all sorts of music )THE MUSIC AWARDSOn the undermentioned inquiries, delight reply with a cheque in the? yes? or? no? box and so circle your reply for the following inquiry.

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Yes No47 ) When the music awards are on Television, do you watch them?48a ) If your reply was? yes? , is it because:( 1 ) you want to see your favourite vocalist or group win.( 2 ) you merely like to watch them.( 3 ) both 1 and 2.( 1 ) or ( 2 ) or ( 3 )48b ) If your reply was? no? , is it because:( 1 ) you have no involvement in music.

( 2 ) you merely wear? Ts have the clip to sit down and watch them.( 3 ) you truly wear? T attention about the awards.( 1 ) or ( 2 ) or ( 3 )Consumer INPUTCircle the appropriate reply for the undermentioned inquiries.49 ) Which of the undermentioned do you prefer to purchase?Compact Diskor Cassette Tape50 ) How much would you be willing to pass on an mean, full-length tape?$ 7 to – $ 10 or $ 10 to – $ 12 or $ 12 or more51 ) How much are you willing to pass on an mean Cadmium?$ 10 to – $ 13 or $ 13 to – $ 16 or $ 16 or moreIn the undermentioned list of shops, topographic point a cheque in the box if you buy music from that shop.52 ) 0 Sam Goody53 ) 0 Tape World54 ) 0 The Wall55 ) 0 Strawberries56 ) 0 Lechmere57 ) 0 From a music nine ( stipulate ) __________________58 ) 0 Others ( stipulate ) ________________________POPULAR GROUPSFor the undermentioned list of groups, topographic point a cheque grade in the box that describes what you think of them.Like them a batch They are All right Don? T like them No remark59 ) Smashing Pumpkins60 ) Nine Inch Nails61 ) Jane? s Addiction62 ) White Zombie63 ) Gin Blossoms64 ) Pearl Jam65 ) Dr.

Dre66 ) Alanis Morissette67 ) The Fugees68 ) Foo Combatants69 ) Tom Petty70 ) Stone Temple Pilots71 ) The Beach Boys72 ) Acid73 ) The Beetles74 ) Oasis75 ) Snoop Doggy Dog76 ) Alice In Chains77 ) L. L. Cool J78 ) Mariah Carey79 ) 2 Political action committee80 ) Beastie male childs81 ) Silver Chair82 ) Vanilla Ice83 ) The Cranberries84 ) Domino85 ) 31186 ) Tender loving care87 ) Aerosmith88 ) Boyz 2 Work force89 ) Metallica90 ) Brandy91 ) Coolio92 ) Everclear93 ) Count Crows94 ) Hootie and the Blowfish95 ) Toni Braxton96 ) Live97 ) Salt? N Peppa98 ) Warren G99 ) SycophantsMike Kaplan and Jason Gaudette would wish to thank you for taking our music study and hope to acquire the study consequences out to you every bit shortly as possible.325


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