Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Surrealism Essay Research Paper Surrealism

Surrealism Essay Research Paper Surrealism

Surrealism Essay, Research Paper


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& # 8220 ; Surrealism was a agency of reuniting witting and unconscious kingdoms of experience so wholly that the universe of dream and phantasy would be joined to the mundane rational universe in an absolute world, a surreality. & # 8221 ;

– Andre Breton

Surrealism was a motion in ocular art and literature that took topographic point in Europe between the first and 2nd universe wars after the Dada motion. It was developed in 1924 by creative person, Andre Breton. It was a reaction against & # 8220 ; rationalism & # 8221 ; and the civilization and political relations in Europe at that clip. It was a manner to portray phantasy and world in the same work of art combined. Dreams were frequently used as a manner of inspiration, and many followings believed in the automatism theory. Automatism was seen as the best manner to uncover and show 1s unconscious and this was viewed as the best and truest manner to make art. It was a manner to unite rational and irrational thought and be wholly free in 1s believing and look in art without the boundaries and ground and world. The thought of an guiltless childlike attack to art was besides used. Phantasmagoric creative persons felt kids & # 8217 ; s art was more existent than big art because it hadn & # 8217 ; t been tainted with repression and other influences. Like romanticism and transcendental philosophy in literature imaginativeness and feelings were taken over re

ason and scientific fact. But largely surrealism was a combination of both what was existing and what was non. Phantasmagoric creative persons saw and object and created art out of it because that object inspired feelings which lead it to be transformed. This free manner of picture was lead by creative persons like Max Ernest, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali and Rene Magritte. A common technique that can be recognized in this type of painting in frottage or friction. Common mediums were used, and ordinary capable affair was altered and distorted.

Here are 3 illustrations of phantasmagoric pictures by Rene Magritte, the first is called La Condition Humaine, the 2nd L & # 8217 ; art de vivre and the 3rd The lovers I.

I find surrealism art highly absorbing. I think it does the most of import thing art can make, do you think! It is non so much it beauty that makes it what is it is like other types of art work but its ability to do you oppugn what is truly there and truly acquire into the work of art. There frequently excessively seems to be a message in most of the pieces as good which besides makes you wonder. It seems more thoughtful than other plants of art. Unlike realistic art, which possibly merely merely looked at and copied, in phantasmagoric art a message is conveyed. I have a higher grasp for phantasmagoric art compared to other types of art because it truly makes me halt and believe about the piece.