Surfing Cyberspace Its Positive and Negative Aspects Essay

Surfing cyberspace: its positive and negative aspects. There is a big influence of technique on our daily life. Electronic devices, multimedia and computers are things we have to deal with everyday.

Especially the internet is becoming more and more important for nearly everybody as it one of the newest and the most forward-looking media of the future. Therefore we need to think about some good aspects of how this medium influences us and what impacts it has on our social behavior. Big advantage of the internet is easy access to information. Online books, dictionaries, maps, guides and newspapers replaced bookshops and libraries.

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In addition many sites have an achieve in which you can search for old information. But the main thing you should be aware of is unknown information. Sometimes its difficult to distinguish if its true or false. However the internet is also a big “advertising company”. With its help you can order products and technique online. You avoid going to the busy markets, waiting in large queues and overpaying.

Besides the stock of exchange in the internet is the most current one. But there is a problem too: you may be cheated and receive wrong or spoiled goods.If you chat you can meet many interesting people who comes from all over the world, send them messages which cost less than a telephone call and know many interesting facts.

There are no borders, no distance, and no reality. But remember that you’ll have less time left for your real friends if you sit in front of the PC the whole day. Often you have the possibility to watch films and listen to music on the internet. You can even download it for free.

But you should find a good site, because films and music can have an awful quality or even contain viruses. Viruses and hacker-attacks is the main problem for internet users.To avoid them you should install a firewall, buy anti-virus programs and update them. All it costs a considerable sum of money. Internet users are becoming younger and younger. But the internet wasn’t made for children.

There is so much harmful offending and disgusting material that can affect their fragile inner life. Internet creates a powerful influence on the evolution of our society. It changes our way of work, study and spending our spare time. It is the main source of information, but what information we will get from it depends on our knowledge of its benefits and defects.


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