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Supportersof classroom learning believe that online systems of educating disengagestudents from one another, as well as their instructors, diminishing theoverall worth of taking college courses. This is unquestionably a long way fromreality; any strategy for instructing ought not be disliked or seen astechniques for displacing educators or the association between individuals.Instead, it should be seen as a means of educating individuals with differentlearning styles and life styles. While the value of education is notcompromised, both online and traditional education are beneficial and rewardingbecause of the provided flexible course work, the required discipline andself-motivation, and the level of social interaction between teachers and otherstudents.             One of the key aspects to consider when weighing the possibilitiesof attending an online or traditional educational institute is courseflexibility.

Life is very busy between occupations, families, and friends. Withthese obligations or commitments, an online education offers more flexibilityfor individuals that have time constraints with family and work. The coursesare molded to fit a student’s particular schedule offering the ability to login at times that work best for them. For example, Columbia Southern Universityoffers a Life Pace Learning option allowing students the ability to progressthrough a course in as early as four weeks or extend the course to 18 weeks. Whereaswith a traditional institution some flexibility is offered for individuals withfreedom in their schedules. This type of institution offers flexible night classesthat meet on one to three times per week.

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This learning option requirestraveling to campus which can make schedules seem somewhat constraineddepending on the commuting distance. For instance, a community college willoffer a required core class, like English 101, that meets Tuesdays and Thursdaysfrom five o’clock to eight o’clock pm. The real decision for individualschoosing a learning institute is understanding how their own schedule will fitthe course load and vice versa.

            Something more to consider while weighing college optionsare the level of self-discipline. Attending both an online or traditionalcollege requires a certain level of self-discipline and self-motivation. The increasedflexibility of online learning comes with a trade-off where individuals need tobe highly self-motivated. Some may struggle to stay motivated when learningfrom home, so it’s important for individuals to develop strategies for stayingon track with course work and setting aside time every week to study. Experts suggestthat students create a work space within their home that provides minimaldistractions. With traditional college options, students have more of anadvantage with structured schedules for attending class and routine face toface interactions.

Being in an on campus setting provides opportunities thatremind students of upcoming assignments. The on campus atmosphere also helpswith alleviating procrastination and time consuming assignments. Nevertheless,both college options require some sort of discipline that is based on eachindividual abilities to self-motivate.            One final component for students to consider is the levelof social interaction they are seeking as they earn their degree.

When takingan online college course, social interactions with instructors and otherstudents happens regularly through video chat or online discussion posts. Some institutions,like Columbia Southern University, also offer pre-recorded videos of lectureswhich aid in a deeper understanding of course material. For those who thrive onface to face communication where seeing and interacting with an instructor on aregular basis is motivating, the traditional college track is the best option. Anon campus classroom setting offers more opportunities for on the spot questionsor interesting tangents that help students gain a better understanding ofcourse concepts.

            In the case of comparing online education to traditionaleducation, there is no definite right or wrong answer on which learningexperience is the better option. It really depends on a student’s personallearning preference and understanding the way in which they learn best. An individual’spersonal learning style can be affected by the learning format provided by aneducational institution. Whether choosing to earn a degree online or in atraditional classroom setting, both offer benefits and rewards because ofcourse work flexibility, the discipline and self-motivation required, and thelevel of social interaction between teachers and other students.

It is importantfor students to do a self-evaluation before deciding to take on a full collegecourse load. Learning more about the overall institution can aid in finding theoption that fits their lifestyle.


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