Supply chain management in contemporary pharmaceutical industry Essay

Supply concatenation direction is the direction of a relationship and flows between the twine of operations and procedures ; it is the subject that integrates all the issues refering the bringing of merchandise and services ( Slack et al.

, pg.212 ) .Main aims of supply concatenation direction are proper direction between demand and supply, synchronism between fabrication and selling, keeping equilibrium between natural stuff demand and supply, stock list direction, maintaining balance between inflow and outflow between of finished goods and eventually keeping a proper web between distributers, retail merchants and A proper supply concatenation direction acts as the anchor of a company which if disturbed the whole organisation will acquire negatively affected.Indian Pharmaceutical industry – Brief: Pharmaceutical industry provides a immense part to GDP of any state and plays an highly of import function in good being of every state. When compared to other industries pharmaceutical industry falls behind other progressive industries in footings of implementing modern supply concatenation practises and rules. This is due to the fact that Indian pharmaceutical industry is slightly immune to accept difficult and fast regulations due to cut pharynx competition and unneeded squashing tactics from market forces. Pharmaceutical industry includes Allopathy, Homoeopathy, and Ayurveda which is the ancient Indian pathy.

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Hence pharmaceutical industry is every bit old as world. For a long clip pharmaceutical industry enjoys the position of most profitable industry. As per the surveies held at assorted Centres one fact about medical specialties has been proved that every extra USD invested on new drug design saves USD 4.44 on hospitalization and coevals of new medical specialties increase 40 % of life anticipation ( Beginning: ) .

Executive sum-up:

This assignment set out to rating of supply concatenation direction procedure in Medicare Private Limited, India where I worked for around nine old ages. During the whole assignment my findings were wholly based on supply concatenation direction.

I started assignment with an debut of Indian pharmaceutical industry scenario and latter provided a brief debut of Medicare Private Limited, India, where I worked for. Further I described fabricating procedure of the company and discussed supply concatenation basicss in that along with possibilities to research remotion of excess adult male power from fabricating procedure.After discoursing presymptomatic and clinical tests, I discussed the aims, tendencies and complexnesss of supply concatenation direction.

I tried to implement thin synchronism to marketing flow of supply concatenation direction where I found that there is batch of range to cut down some selling channels and by making so company can cut down some unneeded outgo and cost. After thin synchronism, I have gone through the stock list subjects, discussed advantages and disadvantages of low and high stock list direction. During SWOT analysis, I found that company should concentrate upon its failings like less merchandise scope, fatty distribution channel web, menaces like cut pharynx competition and provided my recommendation to the company to spread out in abroad market.

Medicare private Limited: Company profile

Medicare private limited a 0.28 billion group was chiefly in fabrication, selling and export of majority drugs. Main gross bring forthing merchandises were Paracetamol and Tricholine citrate.

Besides fabrication and selling of Merchandises Company was into contract fabrication and R & A ; D work. Company was based in Northern Province of India.Manufacturing procedure: Medicare drug company was in fabrication of assorted merchandises out of which chief were Syrups, micronized pulverizations, capsules etc.Flow chart of fabrication procedure is as follows -Brief description of fabricating procedure was foremost of all the vass were washed decently in bottle rinsing subdivision. Afterwards merchandise was tested in the research lab after intensive proving merchandise was filled in the bottlesSome alone characteristics of pharmaceutical supply concatenation: Supply concatenation map comes under the production division. The elaborate production scheme and supply concatenation countries are as follows -SchemeLogisticssGlobal supply concatenationOperational processsDuring new merchandise development the chance of success is really less and the full procedure of new drug development drains a really high capital.Entry barriers in assorted facets are really high so that industry faces a batch of regulative processs.After reexamining supra mentioned points the fact is really good established that development of newer drug is non an easy undertaking as it consists of a batch of concern hazards.

In malice of these professional jeopardies pharmaceutical industries invest a batch of capital in R & A ; D activities.Degree centigrades: UsersHPDesktop8 fp1405.04.fig1.gifAfter analyzing above figure we can really good see that new drug development is a really drawn-out process and involves a batch of attempts, manpower planning and capital investing.

Despite all odds pharmaceutical industry enjoys a planetary growing of around 11 % per anum and is unaffected by any sort of market jeopardies like recession etc.

ShareA ofA planetary marketA gross revenues forA pharmaceuticalA industry

The planetary market portion for pharmaceutical states where we can see really clearly that North America tops among all with a planetary gross revenues portion of 45 % . Europe stands on the 2nd topographic point with a entire portion of 20 % .Supply concatenation construction of Medicare Private Limited India – Medicare Private Limited a prima maker and exporter of medical specialties and pharmaceutical majority drugs was runing on two manner supply concatenation constructions at a clip. One was developing new drug bringing system and other was selling of bing drugs.

The basic purpose of both of both supply concatenation were different as one concatenation was aimed to finish all the necessary regulative personal businesss from blessing of new expression to completion of their clinical tests and 2nd one was chiefly concerned with accomplishing gross revenues marks.Complexities of clinical test supply concatenation: This phase of supply concatenation was really complex natured as it was really hard go through a really drawn-out and extremely regulated process. Entire clip period in a clinical test procedure used to be around 2-3 old ages and whole procedure was much regulated. Another job with this concatenation was that it was hard to determine the figure of patients as during the clinical tests the batch size of medical specialty was really little and most of the times during high figure of voluntary patient input this was really hard to make tests on them.Complexities of pharma supply concatenation: After the completion of clinical tests the whole focal point displacements towards the other precedences of the concern. One of the major precedences was to establish the drug into the market after analyzing market feasibleness. Major ground behind non following supply concatenation direction technique by Medicare private limited was due to the fact that every process of pharma supply concatenation was linked with old clinical test supply concatenation and most of the times things were non so certain and accurate during the periods.

Supply concatenation aims and their complexnesss:

Aims and Tendencies



High cost involve in new drug bringing systemHigh regulative demandsLess picks of merchandisesHigh gross revenues force per unit area on marketing staff to accomplish high marks.

Prescription drugsMore and more force per unit area from prescriber from the companyMore force per unit area on the company to take down the retail monetary values of merchandise.Rapid growing and decreased monopoly of drugs on termination of patentsLess sale of OTC drugs as a consequence of high market competitionFewer gross revenues lead to haltering growing of organisation and employees.More self medicine wonts of patientsLess sale of medical specialtiesHampering of growing of both employees and administrationIssue of forgery drugsMedicine gross revenues diminutionNo developmental activities on portion of administration.

Flow of supply concatenation

Above flow is stand foring the distribution web of Medicines at Medicare private limited.

As per the flow there were two ways of supply of medical specialties. One was direct supply of medical specialties in the signifier of institutional gross revenues to large corporate infirmaries to understate sweeps which were distributed between intermediate organic structures and the other channel was typically traditional. The typical traditional channel starts from transporting and send oning agent to distributor – stockiest – retail merchant -finally consumer. Major drawback with this sort of supply concatenation web was over engagement of maximal intermediate agents due to which cost of the merchandise additions and that leads to minimum benefit to consumer.

Pharmaceutical makers play a really of import function in proper supply of medical specialties to the patients and other mediators besides play a critical function in equal supply but sometimes due to some factors supply of medical specialties get affected doing incommodiousness to patient.Thin Synchronism: Thin synchronism purposes to run into the demand outright, with perfect quality and no waste. This involves providing merchandises and services in perfect synchronism with the demand for them, utilizing thin or merely in clip ( JIT ) rule ( Slack et al. ) . This rule is chiefly based upon cutting the unneeded cost, load to the administration and finally ensuing into more benefits to the administration.Here instance of Medicare private limited using thin synchronism will give rise to cut in the excess selling cost of the company and eventually ensuing into more net incomes to the administration. Here we can see that there is distributer as an excess nexus which is taking about 4 % of the border, so if we remove him from the concatenation company can salvage 4 % of his border, utilise that border in any other cause and moreover by making so company can cut down the unneeded outlook of a channel.As company is making with the institutional gross revenues, one time once more company can believe over removing of one other channel which is C & A ; F agent who is responsible for another 10 % of portion can be removed from the concatenation and hence one time once more company can salvage another 10 % of net income which can be utilised in any other work.

Factors responsible for merchandise deficit ( Tyler and Mark-2002 )

hypertext transfer protocol: // q=tbn: ANd9GcS5-knFQZzpzhg_M-xQdEjkEw9Y8IFjzHNq4X3BD26Z1D-8r0WLSource: World Wide Web precedences – the ABC system: As per the ABC system of stock list control all the stock list stuff is divided into 3 groups viz A, B and C.In category Angstrom we should keep 20 % of the entire stock list of 80 % high usage points.In category B we should keep 30 % of the goods of about 10 % of entire usage value.

In category C we should keep 50 % of goods whose value is about 10 % of the entire use.Inventory control: Inventory control is a must sort of thing in order to look into unneeded operating expenses to the company. High stock list costs to high drain of working capital so the best thing is to maintain control over — — Inventory can affect a really high administrative and insurance cost.Inventory may take up inordinate storage infinite compared its value.

Inventory can go disused as options become available.Inventory can be damaged or deteriorate.Inventory can be wholly lost or be really expensive to recover.

( Source – Slack et al. )

Benefits of keeping high stock list:

Keeping comparatively high stock list can sometimes be good during the times of high fluctuating demand of merchandises.High purchase of stock list can be good when a good trade is offered by provider.Sometimes during high demand stock list can supply moneymaking benefits.

Raw stuff quality has a singular consequence on efficaciousness of the merchandise. Equally far as natural stuff stock list is concerned company policies were really clear about high stock care of natural stuff. High natural stuff stock list was maintained in the administration because most of the times demand of the merchandise was really fluctuating and as a consequence of which less stock list storage cost to abnormality between demand and supply of ordersRearward Logisticss: Management of merchandise return in pharmaceutical industry is a powerful undertaking.

This practise is really common in pharma industry. Common cause for this threat can be anything as vested involvements, inability to pay, day of the month blackball of the merchandise etc may be the likely grounds behind contrary logistics.Major jobs related to change by reversal logistics are fiscal loss to the company and history disagreements.

Hierarchy in supply concatenation administrations:

Basic hierarchy of supply concatenation is like the caput of the supply concatenation is frailty president under whom comes the Senior Manger. After senior director hierarchy includes director so executive and eventually the last nexus is supervisor.Thin Synchronism: As discussed earlier besides with the aid of Thin synchronism we can look into if there is any excess nexus which has a low or nil productiveness company can believe of taking that nexus, using that nexus to anywhere else and later cut downing the cost.In production line company can believe of taking senior director and director from the concatenation, using them anyplace else and cut downing the repeating cost of the process.Long term scheme: Long term scheme of Medicare Private limited was to concentrate more on R & A ; D activities, geographic expedition of new abroad markets, launch of new merchandise scope etc.. In order to acquire the coveted ends company has to go on runing with finding with more focal point on bettering quality attack and a good supply concatenation direction.

Cardinal public presentation indexs:

hypertext transfer protocol: // q=tbn: ANd9GcQXmMBZLqQfFg4iHF3RR8NoqlUWsffojB0Z3g4stUGV7p4VC-NpKwSource:

co.ukAdministrations in which supply concatenation direction is practised use many public presentation indexs to corroborate the smooth operation of processs. There are five types of indexs viz. Quality, velocity, dependableness, flexibleness and cost. These public presentation indexs are farther made up of many smaller elements, e.g.

Operation cost is measured by buying efficiency, staff productiveness, direct and indirect worker ratio etc. These steps provide a partial position of operation of supply concatenation direction.

SWOT Analysis:



Merchandises holding a good growing rate in less clipLess merchandise scope ensuing into less market portionFatty distribution web doing syphoning off net income borders



Expansion in abroad marketDiversificationCut pharynx competition.


Company should develop clear vision and nucleus competence.Company should work on equilibrating supply concatenation direction system.Implementing thin synchronism unneeded outgo should be cut short so that there should be more benefit to the organisation and one time the organisation gets benefit that will associate the whole concatenation from growing and development of organisation and employees every bit good. Final end product of growing and development of organisation will ensue into high morale of the employees.

Keeping in head the SWOT analysis, company should believe about the chances of spread outing its operations in abroad market and merchandise variegation so that concern makes more benefits.Company should earnestly believe over chief menaces which are cut throat competition. Company can get the better of this job by establishing some really good merchandises in the market so that a sort of monopoly should be established.About failing – less merchandise scope leads to less market portion of gross so company should increase the scope of merchandises so as to acquire more market portion and eventually growing.Company should concentrate on research and development activities so that new merchandises may come into the market.Another thing which requires immediate actions of the company is cut downing work force from production rhythm and cut short its selling distribution channel web.Rearward logistics is a major factor which requires a serious attending because rearward logistics gives rise to unneeded fiscal operating expenses.

Company should believe over E-procurement techniques merely to do the process fast and more accurate.Decision: In the reasoning portion we can see that the chief benefits of maintaining a good flow of supply concatenation direction leads to – More coevals of grossDesign and run new schemes: Long term end accomplishment: Maintaining quality of merchandise: Earning good market credibleness.Apart from this any company want to come on, vie with others in this competition border should believe about other things besides like the company should hold a clear vision, nucleus competency and end choice capablenesss. Without these qualities no company can travel far and accomplish great ends. As per the Chief executive officer of Pfizer, Henry Mckinnell, ” the aureate age of pharma clearly lies in front of us. ” But, if pharmaceutical supply concatenation substructure will non alter itself towards positivity the whole industry will non be able to acquire anything from the altering ambiance.


Slack, N. , Chambers, S.

, Johnston, J. , and Betts, A. , ( 2009 ) , Operations and Process Management, Second Edition, Harlow: FT-Prentice Hall.2 ) accessed on 12/01/2011


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