Supply Chain Essay Research Paper IntroductionWe have

Supply Chain Essay, Research PaperIntroductionWe have identified that any enterprise aimed at bettering the customer/ provider relationship supports SCM? this is true from an internal, single organisation position through to complex supply concatenation constructions.Identify at least 1 inaugural being implemented ( or has been implemented ) by your concern that supports SCM thought. For each enterprise:Describe the purposes ( aims ) of the action being taken and outline the supply concatenation job it seeks to turn toOutline the proposal ( or solution ) and depict how it supports SCM rulesIdentify any possible barriers to its successful execution that could impede the effectivity of the enterprise1.1 Background information the companyEstablished in 1980, Possehl BESI Electronic Hong Kong Limited has been celebrated in the Electronic industry locally and internationally for its? preciseness accomplishments and trueness towards its? clients. Located in Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong, we are presently using over 600 staffs ; they include Management and Administration officers, applied scientists, technicians, production operators and security guards, etc.

The parent company of Possehl BESI Electronic Hong Kong Limited is Possehl BESI Electronics N.V. in the Netherlands.

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It is a joint venture between L. Possehl & A ; Company mbH of Germany ( 50 % ) , GHL Industries of Asia ( 25 % ) and BE Semiconductor Industries of Amsterdam in the Netherlands ( 25 % ) . This combination has created a company that has been one of the top 10 participants in the hi-tech electronic semiconducting material packaging and equipment sector in the universe. In fact, it is the largest non-Japanese provider in this field since 1992.Possehl BESI Electronic Hong Kong Limited produce chiefly two sort of merchandises, one of them is semiconductor packaging, technically known as punched and engraved, high-precision constituents, such as lead frames, contacts, punched parts, constituents & A ; subassemblies that are intend to be consumed by the electronic industry.

Lead frames are manufactured from strip metal by agencies of stomping or etching, and micro chips are so mounted on each of these lead frames. The thickness of each frame is no dilutant that 0.1 millimeter. These bearers are critical for turning bit sets into state-of-art electronic constituents that will subsequently be installed into computing machines, nomadic phones or missiles.

Particular required coating are besides available upon petition, for illustration, electroplating full-face and topographic point engineering lead frames or doing eternal plug-in connections that can be every bit little as 0.07mm in breadth for particular intents.Other than the semiconducting material packaging, Machineries and tools that manufacture lead frames and assemble semiconducting materials are another major concern at Possehl BESI Electronic Hong Kong Limited. We have non merely the capableness to bring forth top quality merchandises but we can besides assist others to put up their ain workshop, some of the most common machine classs are laser adhering machines, particular machines for farther lead frames treating, machines for bring forthing and treating lead frames, and high-performance punching tools such as particular tools parts and gigues. However, a list Customer? s demand is indispensable when buying machines and tools since many of them are tailor made for particular operations.Since Possehl BESI Electronic Hong Kong Limited is an ISO-9000 qualified maker ; all merchandises are shipped with our quality control inspector blessing by random and are backed by a replacing warrant.Our major client groups are targeted chiefly in the semiconducting material industry, electronics industry, electrical technology, and plastic industry.

In fact, companies like SGS Thomson, Motorola, Siemens, and Philips have been some of our strategic clients for decennaries and we have proved to be a dependable beginning in semiconducting material packaging.Although our company is an international company, we learned that jobs that are beyond our production capacity may originate due to regional differences may ensue in detaining the production lead-time. Therefore, it is of import for us to foretell our logistic state of affairs in order to forestall the worst cause from go oning. We believed that the key to this success relays on a sound? Supply Chain Management? Scheme.2 Supply PlanningThe following points are indispensable during the lead frame production:1. Alloy Copper2. Photo resist movie3. Glass Mask4.

Chemical solution ( Liquid Silver & # 8211 ; for platting, Cuppic Chloride? etching reaction )5. Microscope6. Stationary ( paper, pens, etc. )The relationship between providers and clients is the of import factor impacting information and stuff flow in supply concatenation. Supply concatenation includes several elements such as stuff providers, production installations, distribution services and clients and organize a concatenation by the forward and backward flow of information and stuffs. However, the advantage of holding a good supply concatenation direction can assist cut down purchase costs, stock list degrees, and better the quality of the merchandises.

In our instance, since our production installation is an ISO-9002 certified installation, periodic internal auditing and frequent machinery care provide parts towards top public presentation of this component. In add-on, since we have been detecting a consistent efficiency in our production installation, we tend to believe that it is a changeless variable.

& gt ;2.1 Supply PositioningWhen we want to place our supply concatenation, sorting the resources into different phases and happen out the most suited schemes for betterment is most of import. A Kraljic? s Matrix would outdo illustrate this scenario as follow:Leverage Items- Chemical solution- Photo resist movie Strategic Items- Alloy CopperNormal Items- Stationery- Microscope Bottleneck Items- Glass Mask2.2 Optimizing Supply Base SizeThe aim of optimising a supply base size relays on continuance of evaluation our bing providers.

In our instance, each natural stuff has around three providers. We shall rated each of the provider harmonizing to different standards with different weight sing the of import that standard is. The chart below is an illustration of what it may look like:Supplier ASupplier BSupplier C CriteriaWeightScore*TotalScore*Total Score*Total Cost10120220330 Quality20360240120 Delivery on time531521015 Service52102515 Risk level531521015 Flexibility521021015 Total Score 13010070 Total mark = 150 * Score are graded as follows:1=poor public presentation2=average public presentation3=good public presentationAs we are looking for a provider with dependability, we, hence, would accept providers who perform above norm, which they must have Al least a entire mark of 100 points. In the above illustration, supplier C is decidedly eliminated.3 Proposal3.1 Supply PositionAt this point, it is obvious that the place of the purchase and normal supplies are settled with the aid of the continue rating.

But, strategic and bottleneck supplies are different chiefly because of the merchandise nature every bit good as the quality strength.3.1.1 For strategic points: Over the old ages, the supply of Cu metal has ever been relay on a individual supply. The ground is because entirely that company merely manufactures this point.

Schemes:Build Strategic Partnership -a ) By unifying the companies ;B ) By puting in the provider? s stock ;degree Celsiuss ) By subscribing a long term contract and absorb monetary value hazard.Company Acquisition & # 8211 ; Through the wealth of our parent company, own the provider by acquisition. By making so, we, non merely, will hold a guaranteed supply ; we will larn their technique and get down another concern, which may be a benefit to our parent company in a long tally.

Internal Supply & # 8211 ; Study the chance of bring forthing Cu metal and bring forth it.3.1.2 For constriction itemsAlthough it represents a comparatively limited value for the merchandise, but production can non be processed without it.Schemes:1 ) Be a local trader. Then, we can command the stock flow every bit good as to do net income out of it.2 ) Keep more stock, such as keeping a 2 months storage degree.

Although this may increase a inventory degree, but bare in head that these points are non expensive, but would impact our production if our provider ran out of stock.3.2 Optimizing the supply baseStrategies:We decide to cut down the supply base by continue to measure our providers, and to seek for new providers. By making this in a long term, we will roll up a list of providers. In footings of spread outing our concern, we can interchange our information with our Alliess.

4 Potential Barriers1 ) Permanently disqualified a provider may non be wise because their proficient facet or services may better in clip.2 ) Rating system may non reflect the exact public presentation of the provider due to colored judgements.3 ) Potential information flow failure between buying section and provider without the terminal users? sentiment may do misconstruing that affects the evaluation of the providers.5 ConclusionPossehl BESI Electronic Hong Kong Limited has a planetary web in fabrication semiconducting material lead frames. We are besides an ISO-9002 certified company, we understand the importance of a systematic direction.Execution a Supply Chain Management into our systematic direction is of import because fail of acquiring supply in one of our constituents may do holds in bringing or even do production ictus, and this is the worst thing that could go on to a production concern.

We should be cognizant of the local factor when be aftering a supply concatenation. We should besides set up trust between our providers and carry oning a periodic rating may be a possible manner to depict a certain criterion.As we forecast a black state of affairs, we have to plot a solution to forestall a state of affairs from go oning. Some factors such as Strategic and Bottleneck points, alternatively of fright a possible supply menace, we can turn our fright into net income by joint venture techniques.

In fact, in this epoch where elephantine corporations are organizing Strategic confederations or through unifying two or more elephantine companies into an even bigger elephantine company. Consequently, my propose solution may turn out to be generating net income in a long term.But be cautious while implementing the Supply Chain Management because there may be unsighted musca volitanss. Last but non least, I strongly suggest that we should include this system into our ISO-9002 Quality Manual as a affair of communicating uniformity. In add-on, may I besides suggest a alteration in no less than 3 months after the beginning of the system execution follow by periodic alteration every bit good as internal auditing in order to guarantee the well being of the system and the best involvement of the company.


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