Superstition Essay Research Paper Md Mosharaf BhuiayanENG

Superstition Essay, Research PaperMd. Mosharaf BhuiayanENG 100311/9/00 8:30 AutopsyProf. DunningEmerged in SuperstitionIn the center of the dark frequently my female parent calls out, & # 8220 ; Oh God! The Canis familiaris is whining in the center of the dark ; this is unfortunate. Something awful is coming! Riaz, go feed the dog. & # 8221 ; She is surrounded by all those superstitious beliefs. She even has book named Fazilatnama or Virtuous Duty about all those superstitious notions, like what brings fortune and what brings hardship. I am nevertheless a really rational individual. I tend to believe in ground more than feeling, but I besides happen to be superstitious- in my manner and my civilization.

My superstitious notions are those that my female parent conveyed to me, which are likely passed into her by her female parent. Besides the state Bangladesh, in which, I have grown most of my young person is full of superstitious beliefs. So superstitious notions are passed in the same manner as my native linguistic communication and my civilization passed to me. Some illustrations of common mundane superstitious notions of my civilization are the belief that if your thenar scabiess, you will obtain money ; that if your sole scabiess, you may go ; that if your right cilium throbbed, you will confront felicity. And the most common in all over the universe every bit good as in my state is the belief that the figure 13 is luckless, and that a black cat traversing your way can impact your fortune.Harmonizing to The Little Oxford Dictionary, superstitious notion is & # 8220 ; belief in the being or power of the supernatural ; irrational fright of the unknown ; a faith or pattern based on such inclinations ; widely hold out but incorrect idea. & # 8221 ; Now why do believe in something that has no logical account and harmonizing to scientific discipline, which is wholly incorrect? We can happen the reply in the definition of superstitious notion. Though there is no rational account, we believe or obey those superstitious notions because we are afraid of the effect of non obeying those regulations.

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For illustration, my female parent used to do me feed the Canis familiaris in the center of the dark to salvage me from that & # 8220 ; unknown but something evil, & # 8221 ; because my female parent believes that a Canis familiaris can feel this immorality and feeding the Canis familiaris is besides one manner of offering nutrient to that immorality. The immorality will let go of me because I offered him nutrient. Besides this is a belief that everyone else believes. Now it may be incorrect, absurd, but all the other people think its right and you believe it excessively. For illustration, in my state everybody believes that it is unfortunate to go on an amaavasyaa or New Moon twenty-four hours. On a New Moon twenty-four hours, it is believed that all the devils of the universe walk on the Earth and hit with one of them could convey something baleful or harmful. So, that is why my female parent would non allow me travel out at that dark because she wants to salvage me from that & # 8220 ; unknown but harmful demon. & # 8221 ;On the other manus, Science is the cognition of the physical universe and its phenomenon, which depends on proving facts and systematic experimentations.

My state may be full of superstitious notions, but many of them can be debunked through logical and scientific experimentation. For illustration, my female parent believes that a Canis familiaris whimpers in the center of the dark because it can see all the harmful devils around him. She besides believes that on the amaavasyaa or new Moon twenty-four hours all the devils walk around the Earth.

So during amaavasyaa our Canis familiaris should whine all dark long because he can see those devils ( if there any ) around him. However during some of the amaavasya I did non even see him whining at all. So the Canis familiaris merely whines when he is hungry and merely nutrient can do him halt whining in the center of the dark.

Now the widespread belief that it is unfortunate to go on an amaavasyaa can be proved incorrect through logical account. This superstitious notion must hold evolved before the coming of electricity. It would hold been debatable to be stuck at dark on a alone route and plundered by skulking stealers with no moonshine to illume up the manner. So at that clip when there was no electricity, people made superstitious notions in order to salvage their friends and relations from existent stealers. Now people could hold spread skulking thieve ( which is true ) alternatively of devil, but we are more frightened of the unknown and unseeable things instead than the seeable lurking stealer. Now mundane scientific and logical experiment can confute the most common belief all over the universe that the black cat is luckless. For illustration, I have a friend who has a black cat.

His black cat likely crossed his way 100s of times, but I did non see any bad luck in his school assignment or societal life. If person has crossed by a black cat and faced a awful accident that would be a mere happenstance or the cat was merely non paying attending to what he was making. So there are 100s of beliefs like these in our mundane life, which can be debunked with scientific and logical account.From the above treatment we can state that some superstitious notions are cultural beliefs and religion which some how conveyed to salvage our friends and relations from the evil oculus. Peoples who hold non-empirical beliefs may merely be showing a cultural, personal or religious position, and nil more. This does non intend they are less intelligent, more aboriginal, infantile or irrational. Believers in superstitious notions merely do non desire to give up their comfy belief system. They are afraid to believe independently and need the security cover that all such belief systems provide.

Michel Shermer in his book Why People Believe Weird Things, states & # 8220 ; They sometimes want something comfy instead than something true. & # 8221 ; On the other manus, scientific discipline merely beliefs those, which can be provided by theories and informations. If the informations do non fit the anticipation, so the theory is incorrect.

Peoples who believe in scientific discipline, they merely believe if something can merely be seen or consented with theories. Harmonizing to scientific discipline if a claim can non be tested it is non scientific. A superstitious notion can non be tested so it is non scientific. Science is impassionate and ever seeks for the truth. Now assume that I am enduring from a deathly disease. In that instance, if scientific discipline can non assist me to bring around my disease, my female parent would do me wear an incanted talisman to protect me organize that disease.

Even though there is no cogent evidence that the talisman will assist to bring around my disease, will give my female parent a hope of visible radiation in the darkness of despondence. So Michael Shermer is right, people believe in things in what they feel comfy and secure either if it is scientific discipline or superstitious notion.From the above treatment it might sound that I prefer the rational over the irrational because I was able to successfully expose all those superstitious notions.

Finally though I am a rational individual, I sometime acquire caught up in my female parent & # 8217 ; s superstitious notions. For illustration if a black cat crossed my way I step back three stairss. Then I laugh in my head why did I do that even though black cat hold no power to me! It is merely that I do non believe in superstitious notion but unconsciously or without my knowing I emerged myself into those superstitious notions through my young person. So these are non merely some mere superstitious notions for me, they are more than this. These superstitious notions are my civilization, individuality, and best of all they are my female parent & # 8217 ; s love for me- & # 8220 ; procedure to salvage her boy from the immorality of the world. & # 8221 ;=====================Bibliography? hypertext transfer protocol: //


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