Summit Essay

1. What kind of information and services does the Web site ( provide for individuals, small businesses, and large businesses? List these services.

For Individuals :- Create shipments, enhanced tracking, claim processing, supply ordering, shipment pickup, wireless solutions that provide tracking information, shipping cost information, and finding drop-off locations.Small businesses: Billing and financing services / technology solutions include UPS Internet shipping, UPS paperless invoicing, mobile services, visibility solutions that provides information to manage shipping more efficiently.Large businesses: Shipment deliver,goods returns, technology, contract logistics, international trade, financial services.2.

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Go to the Business Solutions portion of the UPS Web site. Browse the UPS Business Solutions by category (such as shipment deliver, returns, or international trade) and write a description of all the services UPS provides for one of these categories. Explain how a business would benefit from these services.

International Trade:Customs Brokerage: It is a tool and are expertise to help manage international trade complexities.Distribution Center Bypass: Provide consolidation services to streamline international supply chains.UPS Trade Direct: A multi-modal, international freight solution to move your products across oceans and borders faster.

UPS World Ease: It consolidates multiple shipments destined for one other country or the European Union (EU) so they are processed by customs as a single shipment.UPS Paperless Invoice: Fully electronic commercial invoices speed data to customs.UPS Import Control: To take control of inbound international shipments.

3. Explain how the Web site helps UPS achieve some or all of the strategic business objectives we described earlier in this chapter. What would be the impact on UPS’s business if this website were not available? The web site helps UPS achieve some strategic business objectives as bellow: Operational excellence:The web site helps UPS to improve the efficiency to attain higher profitability through the online services. Technology and information system is an important tool in achieving greater efficiency and productivity. For example, UPS link the system link to supplier in order to get a variety of packaging supplied to customers that are free of charge. Customer and supplier intimacy:Complete and clear preference web sites provide detail information about the time and cost calculation and customers can schedule pick up themselves. For example, online billing is save customer’s time and easier the process of work. Well customer services will lead to customer returning which can help the company to raise up the revenue and profit.

If the web site is not available, there are some impacts as below: If the web site is not available, the UPS management department’s workers will face a big problem.All the customers will go and approach the person in charge when they having problem. The workers must have the ability to manage different type of customers face to face with the good service level.

In order to efficiency solve the problem from customers, UPS have to hire or train more workers so that the problem can solve effectively.UPS use their own packaging for any level of UPS service if it meets the basic UPS size & weight criteria to order supplies, contact UPS customer service centre. If web site is not available, the supplier difficult to get further information about what material they needs or what equipment they want to order. They need spend more time and increase their costs for make ordering by call or meet in some venue.

And customers also suffering because they need to know about when can get stock, the price and need purposely go to bank and make payment and can’t make through online billing. Furthermore, customer will face problem such as they cant online make order. If the customer is stay far, then they need to bear the transportation cost by their own.


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