Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Sumerians And Egyptians Essay Research Paper There

Sumerians And Egyptians Essay Research Paper There

Sumerians And Egyptians Essay, Research Paper

There are many ways that Ancient Egypt society and Mesopotamia

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society are similar and at the same clip they are really different. The most

of import ways that their society & # 8217 ; s differ and are likewise are in their authorities,

faith, societal construction, scientific achievements, and their mentality on life.

The ways that the Egypt authorities and the Mesopotamia authorities

differ are how they are ruled. Egypt was one land and it was divided in to

states or names, the land was ruled by one individual known as the

Pharaoh. The states were ruled by nemarchs. Mesopotamia had many

independent city states with its ain authorities and swayer. In Egypt there was

political fusion achieved and in Mesopotamia political fusion was seldom

achieved. The Egyptian authorities was more of a stronger centralised

authorities and the Sumerian authorities was non as strong and more


Egyptian and Sumerian faiths have a batch of similarities. For one thing

they were both polytheistic. In Egypt people in each small town worshipped a small town

God in add-on to other Gods. Sumerians worshipped others Gods in add-on to

the God of their city state. In Egypt the swayer or the Pharaoh was a God, and in

Mesopotamia the swayers weren & # 8217 ; t known as Gods they were knows as

representatives of Gods. Both Egyptians and Sumerians both believed that

different Gods controlled the forces of nature. The Egyptians had a positive position

on the hereafter, but the Sumerians had a dark glooming position of the hereafter

because they thought the Gods were ever penalizing them.

Both Egyptians and Sumerians had their ain systems of authorship, even

though they were different they had their similarities. Egyptian authorship was

known as hieroglyphics, which were fundamentally images of objects. They chiefly

used hieroglyphics for records of spiritual rites. At first Egyptians carved

hieroglyphics on to lapidate or wood, subsequently they used flattened papyrus reeds and

wrote with ink and coppices. Sumerian authorship was known as cuneiform.

Cuneiform was merely symbols stand foring sounds and syllables. Sumerians

used a stylus, or a sharpened reed instrument, to do write on wet tablets of

clay. They baked the tablets so they would indurate up and be saved for records.

The people that did most of their authorship were known as Scribe. Priest set up

schools for the Scribes in temples.

Egyptians and Sumerians both had scientific achievements that they

were known for. Sumerians were the first people known to utilize the wheel. The

wheel helped the Sumerians for a batch of things. The Sumerians made many

betterments on farming. They built complex irrigation systems to impart

H2O though out the farming area. Both Egyptians and Sumerians used arithmetic

and geometry to study land and reestablish belongings likes after inundations swept

off boundary markers. The Sumerian system was based on the figure 60.

Sumerians were the first to utilize arches, columns, inclines, and inclined walks.

Egyptians produced a calendar with a 365-day twelvemonth. They divided the twelvemonth into

12 months. They besides made medical finds, they learned how to execute

surgery, how to put fractured castanetss and to handle spinal hurts. They were

known for their impressive rock memorials. They learned how to cut tall

obelisks from a individual stone, utilizing hot fires and cold H2O to do the

environing stones cleft.

The Egyptian mentality on life and the Sumerian mentality on life are wholly

different. The Egyptians had a positive mentality on like but on the other manus the

Sumerians had a dark glooming 1. The grounds for this are simple. The

Egyptians were looking frontward to their hereafter, their hereafter, they believed,

consisted them being happy, good fed, and busy with the same activities they

had enjoyed during their life. Because of that the Egyptians had something to

look forward to after they died. Besides in Egypt, the favourable clime of the Nile

Valley allowed the people to bask life and see their Gods as kindly forces. By,

contrast, the Sumerians feared of natural catastrophes and invasions, which

likely contributed to the glooming mentality on life. They believed that the Gods

punished them with inundations and or famine. Their glooming mentality on life made

them have a bad facet on their hereafter. They believed that at decease that they

were traveling to fall everlastingly into a dark underworld, a immense cave filled with

nil but dust and silence. Because of this they had nil to look frontward

to after decease so this made their like miserable.

This is how the Egyptian society and the Mesopotamia society are likewise

and different. They have many similar things and besides many differences. They

both have their ups and their downs.