Sumerian View Of The Afterlife Research Essay

Sumerian View Of The Afterlife Essay, Research PaperThe differences between the civilizations position of the hereafter consequence their society s art, sculpture and architecture. It besides reflects the civilization s environment. This can be seen in Gilgamesh, Anpu & A ; Bata, Hatshepsut goes to punt, a dialogue/Dispute with the psyche.In Gilgamesh the chief supporter had to travel through many tests and trials to be able to accomplish perfect hero, which meant he had to embrace his people good moral traits and in the procedure go through many alterations and metempsychosiss in the procedure. In the Story of Anpu & A ; Bata there are references of many metempsychosiss or reincarnations that the brothers go through, which can be interpreted as off of coming to clasps with decease in another life to finish what was non finished, Besides in the Dialogue/dispute with a adult male and his psyche the histories of the hereafter was viewed as another field where decease was celebrated recognized and was something to fix for, Then in Hatshepsut goes to punt, it was journey in which the people thought of import plenty to set in person grave. Of the things that unite these beginnings one major point is the omnipresent of Gods or goddess ; they are the ground why the hereafter dramas such a immense function. In the Egyptian and Sumerian text the Gods played a function in every facet of the people life and the civilizations believed that everything happened due to some God or goddess making. Like in Sumerian literature Gilgamesh ever calls the Gods for counsel and assist whenever faced with a tough undertaking.

In Egyptian civilization the Goddess played a function in deciding jobs like in Anpu and Bata ; when Bata had faced adversary with his bro he called on the Sun God Ra to assist him. Even though the Gods or goddess helped the people they demanded that scarifies bemade in their award, therefore many rites and ceremonials resulted from people taking something in the to give it in the name of who it was for. Thus it was of import to hold day-to-day court to some God. This went even further with the debut of decease, when people died they viewed as some passage instead than an terminal. The passage was to someplace peaceable and joyous if prepared, but if u didn T so the reverberation were great and outnumbered what was good.In gilgamesh the Gilgamesh prepared for his decease by traveling through many tests and alterations to go who he is when he made his finial journey.

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In the Egyptian civilization people go through even more strife to go a one in the heavenly organic structures. Like the stating goes work hard when you re alive and rest when you re dead.With the Egyptians people made many forfeits to fix for at that place decease, one was the hard-on of immense pyramids and therefore conveying about the many admirations of the old universe.

Besides in the procedure of fixing for the hereafter people made many things that happened to stand for the after life in some manner or signifier like hieroglyphics that are seen today in many graves or memorials like that of Gilgamesh in many topographic points.In many ways Egyptian civilization had similar beliefs and of things in common with the Sumerian civilization. they both were about at different clip period s and both had many of the same constructs but the Egyptian civilisation civilization was much farther an was located in a different part that happened dot be surround by a huge desert and therefore explicate it s prosperity. But in Sumerian civilization it was locate between many rivers good really two chief one so in decision the civilizations beliefs made many things influence them therefore giving each one individualism and something that had been seen nowhere else


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