Suicide Theme in Hamlet Essay

Antigone by Sophocles . Creon: The King of Thebes, a very strong person and a supporter of civic law who knew his position and power after becoming a king. Creon had too much power and wealth that he would command anything without getting questions back from his servants.

Back in the days only men would become a king and no women had the rights to have such powers. The community would think that women would not have enough character, wisdom and courage to dominate a kingdom. Antigone showed us a different aspect about what she did and realizing that death would not be a problem, nor painful.Antigone asks her sister Ismene to help her out to bury her brother Polyneices who died in a battle, but considered as traitor for fighting against Thebes. Utterly, She disagree about this decision from her sister. “Think how much terrible than these our own death would be if we should go against Creon” (pg. 466).

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Even though, Antigone is conscious of the consequences if she would dare to do it. Death would be the only pay off for that such as revealing. It seems to Ismene was very feeble and not strong enough to face up to Creon.Antigone was not just trying to be unfair by going against the laws; she just wants a proper burial for her brother Polyneices. Literally Antigone was a very courageous person that any men would not even challenge to go against king’s laws.

This is how women have such as same courage as men to clash any superior commands. Antigone was not afraid at all, and willing to die with honor. Becoming a traitor is not just going against a law if someone is looking for fairness. In Greek time, people would find so many unjust commands from their kings, but they had to live with it if they did not want to die.Antigone is finally caught in her action by Creon’s attendants and took her to the palace to talk to the king.

Obviously, she has no dread of what could come next. Even she did not want everyone feel pity for her. The king sends her to be executed and also immured in a cave. Ismene as only Antigone’s sister left, she feels guilty as well and confess to be part of this crime.

“But now I know what you meant; and I am here to join you, to take my share of punishment” (Pg. 472). Antigone refuses to that confession and says she is the only one that has to be dead. You shall not lessen my death by sharing it” (Pg.

472). Creon has a son named Haimon who is engaged to Antigone. Likewise ,the king could also to give another chance to Antigone and remain alive.

Creon tries to maintain to be fairly and firmly as a king and still refuses his decision about killing Antigone. Haimon does not suggest revoking his command, but he only wants to Creon opens his eyes and look for justice by himself. The king does not yield with his decision even many people would be harmed of what was going to happen . Most of the time, men have a stronger decision than women back in the days.Even now, men have a little more power always on decisions, but with equal rights. Women are able to do anything as men, but always seem by society as weak and less guts. At that time, family was just another member as attendants .

Imagine if you rule to kill someone that is part and means a lot to your family what could the tragedy be? It would be even worse the causes. There were more than one person such as the chorus, the blind prophet, and Haimon who wants Creon to reconsider his decision. Creon always thought that a man with experience and years was always right and never could be incorrect. You consider it right for a man of my years and experience to go to school to a boy? And Haimon replies “It is not right, if I am wrong . But if I am young, and right, what does my age matter? ” (Pg. 474). As a result, Haimon tries to fight his father for being such as selfish person and for taking away someone he loved so much. He knows nothing could change his father’s mind even he is terminating with his happiness.

His own son ended up killing himself with his own sword in front of Creon’s eyes. That moment he realize how wrong he was about his decision .He tries to fix his mistake by releasing Antigone and free her charges . It was already late; Antigone killed herself by hanging out herself with her own clothes. What more tragedy would come to the ruler? Not even that, but Creon’s wife Eurydice killed herself after finding out that her son was dead because of him. King’s last words were very depressing.

” Let it come, let death come quickly, and be kind to me. I would not ever see the sun again”. (Pg. 481) Many times choosing the right or bad decision may affect a lot in people’s fate. Listening to experienced people should be considered of any choice you make in existence.The king was left alone in his own palace with his family dead .

How terrible he could feel? He could have wealth, power and comfort, but not happiness indeed. He has learned the experience and years do not matter and still can make a wrong decision. It could be very useful in his future and life as a lesson, but tragedy was already made to himself . People should learn to listen and consider others. Sometimes opinions may help to analyze of what somebody is planning to make your mind up.

Decisions are always difficult to make, but if the outcome is always positive at the end, then people should decide it that way.


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