Suicide statistic, even climbing at some points.

Suicide is among one of the main causes of death for men in the U.S along with many women dying by suicide every single year, and continues to keep up that statistic, even climbing at some points. People  will blame other people for something one said or something one has done. The reason for suicide in youth  is sometimes unaccounted for but  in everyone the number of factors  vary. Many will argue about the facts and stats on suicide and some will say that there is only one cause, and not much can be done to help, and that there is not enough out there but,  there most certainly is. There can essentially be one reason for an individual, but most likely it can be even minor things mixed with stuff like a huge life trauma or a death in the family and a countless number of other reasons that cause that one person to go over the edge and just end it all for themselves.

People rely either on other people or they rely on society ot have enough answers to their problems to help, which most likely can be prevented if enough help is reached and the individual speaks out and admits to their illness and does not keep it contained forever. Society wants citizens to be sort of normal in a way and really keep themselves in a straight line and in their own place. Occasionally us as humans feel like a disappointment to somebody or, feel neglected to other people and often times feel like a burden and nuisance. They view everything in their life that turns out terribly for them. Those people will not feel  accepted or loved in any way on the grounds that they live on, because they will have doubts within themselves about their body and other outside factors.  They feel  that there are no positive factors about themselves.

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That is because the idea of they feel all the things and situations happening in their life that are negative and the same happening in other people’s lives  are somehow because  of them; that it’s their own fault, when in most cases is not. However if they did do something  they wouldn’t be able to help it because they most likely  have depression leading up to the suicidal thoughts and actions. So, why is it that people feel this way? There can’t possibly be only one reason to feel detrimental or depressed. A variety of things has to be included in the mind and life of the individual. In an article by Kevin Caruso, a suicide expert he states,” There are usually several causes, not just one”(Causes of suicide). Since suicide is a permanent answer to what may seem like a temporary problem such as depression or anxiety or any other mental illness that brings up the question is it   morally and ethically correct for one to commit suicide and provide a terrible life long feeling of  sadness for those around us who love us dearly? Or as much as we love those around us can one not help the fact and go forward with suicide because they are so sick? There just isn’t one reason why an individual would feel this way and that is why mentally stable people have to dig deeper and figure out why.

Suicide prevention has gone to many steps and lengths for individuals struggling. People need to speak out and cry  for help, not just keep their emotions bottled in for all their life. Some   people may also  have a disorder or feel unconfident enough about it that they can’t  talk about it because they are afraid of something or afraid that someone will judge them  based  on multiple factors about themselves. Individuals like ones family have to notice something that is wrong, they have to intervene no matter how many reasons the individual feels that way, and why they feel that way.  The most possible must be done by the stable individual to help the unstable and the sick.

Depression, is most likely the first step to suicide. Something in an individual’s life that will happen early on, triggers themor for  some reason the illness takes total control of their mind and life. Antidepressants are most likely the first answer to that solution early on. It is most of the times  up to the individual if they want help or not because they have to speak out about their illness. However, it is strongly dependant on the parents and what kind of people they are because they need to have the right mind and they need to have the audacity to notice what is wrong with their children,  if they themselves are incapable. Medicine helps strongly with this coping mechanism, and is also an answer for a lot of treatments. In an article by Pubmed Health they said,” Antidepressants  are  a key part in treatments of depression”(Depression). That tells us how easy it is to get to the first step in treatment and how easy it is for someone to get the  help  they need, so they desire.

Also along with depression anxiety can lead to suicide, it can’t be one sole reason. The medications help with anxiety and build up the courage of an individual to  seek help and have a voice about their illness.  Antidepressants help a majority of people but they won’t come at an easy price.

In 2010 there was a study done by Kevin Caruso to show the  monster of a price that the meds  came out to be. He states,” In 2010 there were millions of  prescriptions…it was about 10 Billion Dollars  in costs”(Experiences of Antidepressants).  This serves as a huge disadvantage to  those who suffer from anxiety, depression and the other illnesses that need  them because how are they supposed to afford them? This will cause more problems to arise such as crime,  and further actions caused by their sickness. When people can’t get this help they feel like there is no way out and no way to  cope, so fearing the worst they take the so called”easy way out” because they are hopeless and feel like they also have nothing to love for. The next problem  that comes from Antidepressants  being expensive is that kids but most likely adults will run into  the problem of not affording, so they turn to crime and try to obtain them illegally.

That causes a subdivision of another instance when an individual  gets and obtains them illegally they face the risk of not knowing what exactly is inside those pills and bottles, so they could be setting themselves up for problems to later arise, given that they are already mentally ill. They will take no matter what in order to get help, so they become desperate and develop problems from the unknown substances they have now taken instead of the Antidepressants they were supposed to take. Action needs to be done and changes need to be  made by the pharmaceutical industries. They have to look at the factors and situations these humans are in, because everyone deserves the right to get assistance  for problems they can’t help. That raises the question do they companies have a moral and  ethical right to price these medications at such a high rate when so many people are in  need. Besides the fact that they help, they are taken for more than one reason not just a method of singularity.

Suicide and depression and coping come with multiple reasons for those actions to happen, so when someone says there is no more than one factor, they are most likely in the wrong about that topic and situation.  Firearms along with depression leads to terrible things, which again debunks the theory of one reasonable cause for suicide. Gun control laws aren’t as strict as some people want them to be. Guns are being obtained easier and easier through the modern days, and are causing more suicides in depressed children and adults. Children have very easy access to them, if their parents own guns they will see them and think it’s an easy way out from their problems, and they won’t think it through because to option is right there for them.  They sometimes will not be able to think straight and put the gun down either because nobody is helping or nobody actually realizes the severity of the illness and the danger of having firearms around to make an easier decision just to pick it up and ¨solve¨ the problem. However that should not be the solution to dealing with problems; controlling guns laws are.

According to an article by AFSP in  2016,¨ Firearms were the most common deaths by suicide¨(Suicide Methods). This is a problem especially in countries with good economy because that means more production of items including guns, which makes it easier to obtain and collect. Suicides have taken over the amount of homicides that occurred in the U.

S so, there needs to be a solution to how easy it is because children are getting bullied and depressed. When children get bullied their whole life and they become affected and depressed by it, they seek no solution; only suicide. Illegal gun sales are rising in the country, giving children another reason to end their own life, without notice or reasoning; they would never speak out about the reasoning given that it is more than one because they do not want to receive help nor do they feel like they matter to anybody, so bullying needs to decrease in the U.S to bring down depression rates, which will lead to less and less people dying any year from suicide.  When guns are publicly represented they serve as more an outcry to children to be appealed to obtain the instrument used. Another solution to the situation would be to obtain strict gun laws, and make it even harder for people to obtain guns and that means they would have the least minimal amount of weapons, given someone in the household is depressed and suicidal for any reason.

The check should omit anybody from owning guns if anyone in the house has a mental illness of that kind because it triggers them and is sometimes an only solution to their lifelong reasons which are multiple reasons for suicide and depression. Tht raises the question : should parents be  morally and ethically allowed to own guns even without reasoning? Guns are even starting to be illegally sold  as gas stations and pit stops which  make it easier to  obtain a gun rather than drugs and alcohol.  Bullying early in life can lead to depression later which  will lead to suicide ; another reason to debunk the theory of a single cause of suicide. Now people who talk about being bullied doesn’t necessarily happen from a very short period of  a time frame, it can be a build up for a year or a couple of them.

The emotional factors in one’s individual mind can definitely  be hidden or secret from bullying because they are afraid  to speak out about the bullying,  but when they’re clinically depressed it is already too late. According an article by Yellow brick program they stated,” Depression tied to bullying at school persisted through  their late twenties”(The Link between   bullying and depression). This tells us how kids are finding and fighting more than one reason for depression even up through adolescence and bring those reasons into their adult life. Although in a lot of cases the main cause and reason for depression can be unknown, but it is known to have multiple causes to it whether it’d be tied to bullying or not. What makes bullying even worse  is that it can be mainly anonymous  not always physical or verbal, and not knowing the person behind this tragedy can put another reason into the victim’s mind to become clinically depressed,  because  not knowing can bring them into deeper sadness.

It is imperative that if one is bullied, it is most likely not the single factor in suicide, but leads to it after depression. Teens who do commit suicide do however suffer from depression through their life, because the damage had already been done to the individual. An article by bullying statistics states that, “Experts hesitate to say that bullying is a direct cause of suicide” (Bullying and Depression). That proves once again the idea of one cause and reason for suicide. Also another factor that will dig them deeper is the fact that they cannot prove the point  of who it is, and the fact that they keep it inside all their life.

The  condition  will get worse and worse if nothing is done about it, therefore adding insult to injury after all those situations the individuals  have gone through. Although bullying is one of the main causes, it is nowhere near the only one. As us only being human beings and  not knowing any other way, we all are going to one day perish; many of us do because of suicide. It is  important that us as human beings start to fight this idea, because  it  is not the way to go. Suicide has  many reasons for  it to  happen, but it should never be  the answers to  anybody’s problems. However  if humans that are struggling with  depression and suicidal events through their life make  it, the end result will always be better because everyday above ground is a great day.

Suicide and depression are  serious challenges a lot of us face, and not knowing some reason behind it makes it hard for us humans to comprehend and understand it and to help and prevent it from going even further. So, why do us as humans choose take this way? There are multiple reasons for one’s act whether it’d be bullying, losing someone, feeling lonely, not feeling important or good enough or even being exposed to  those around  you by suicide there is never only one cause, but multiple whether it is two or three, perhaps even more. People who are depressed usually their whole life have gone through it all and figure that there are so many things going on in their mind and in their life that they just aren’t able to deal with multiple  factors  and seek suicide as the only way out and not help. They are afraid nobody will care to listen or help, so to them suicide relieves the pain, then there are no more reasons for other people to know. It is hard to tell the reasons for people commiting suicide but  there are easy tell tale signs of it.

A  book about suicide by author  Jay Asher called Thirteen Reasons Why  depicts a girl named Hannah who tells her story about the “Thirteen reasons” why she decided to end her own life (Asher). She lives through them all and obviously has more than one reason to commit suicide. So, many points and theories are revealed that there is one reason for suicide, but it is just not  possible, the singularity theory has been shot down many times by a lot of people, including professionals.


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