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Suicide 2 Essay, Research Paper

Suicide Solution

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I & # 8217 ; m about to take up a place which is traveling to be deamed by some,

if non all, as a awful base to take. As a affair of fact, if anyone were

to hold with me on Thursdaies capable, I & # 8217 ; d be surprsed. For you see, instead than

reasoning from the postion of self-destruction being an undue and asinine manner to

dice, I shall reason the other point. That being self-destruction does hold its virtues.

Before you people start shouting, hear my instance out. Most people

argue that nil justifies the pickings of person & # 8217 ; s life. Yet what makes

life so valuable? Why do people cleaving to it so? All we consist of is a clump

of C atoms, bound together to organize an exoskeleton, variety meats, and tissue.

In this visible radiation, there truly is non much to life. Out of the 5 billion who

populate the planet, really few of them shall emerge to be true universe leaders.

The remainder will merely take a second-rate life of work and small drama.

The pickings of 1s life can be argued from a populistic position as good.

It makes small sense to continue life in an over populated universe. True, one

less individual here on there will non do a big dent. Yet if everyone who

efforts or had attempted suicide were non stopped, the impact would be


Another popular statement for stoppers, people who want to forestall

self-destruction, is that nil can be bad plenty. Yet how do they cognize this? They

do non hold to set up with the same material the suicide victim does everyday.

How could they possi

bly cognize what the possible self-destruction victim feels. Merely

as a badly burned victim may wish to be allowed to decease in peace, the

self-destruction victim wishes the same. To decease in peace with no statement from


The statement of & # 8220 ; expression at the people you will ache & # 8221 ; besides does non

clasp. Imidiate household members will be the lone 1s to endure any great hurting.

Friends will travel on with thier lives and in clip forget about the decease.

Imidiate household excessively will bury the loss in clip. Although it will take most

well longer for them than it will for friends.

Finaly, the statement of self-destruction being selfish is difficult to hold on.

Selfish in whose eyes? Surely non the eyes of the victim. To them, they

see it selfish of others to seek and continue their life. Again, the

statement of the stoppers don & # 8217 ; t cognize what the victim has to travel through. They

are non the 1s digesting the hurting.

Religious people besides harvest up into the argument. Catholics claim that

for person to committ suicide sneds their psyche directly to Hell. In many

faiths, self-destruction is considered tabu. However why is this so? Why should it

be looked upon as disgracefull, when some faiths claim decease the be the

wages for people after their clip on Earth is done.

Suicide is an issue which should be examined at by all angles. Not

merely from the angle that it is & # 8220 ; incorrect & # 8221 ; . End of argument. Rather it should be

looked at from the point of position that & # 8220 ; yes & # 8221 ; for some people, they should be

allowed to decease in peace.


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