SubSaharan Africa Essay Research Paper SubSaharan Africa

Sub-Saharan Africa Essay, Research PaperSub-Saharan Africa has turn into a & # 8221 ; practical violent death field & # 8221 ; with the universe s worst undeclared war.

What do you make when an epidemic with no remedies sweeps through a state? What do you make when you don Ts have the needful resources to incorporate the disease with intervention? What do you make when most people within the population do non even know they carry disease? AIDS is quickly killing off the population of Africa.Harmonizing to the UNAIDS ( Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/ AIDS ) , AIDS is now the taking slayer in sub-Saharan Africa, where 23.3 million people have HIV or AIDS ; 90 % of the universe s 11 million AIDS orphans are in Africa ; in 1998, 200,000 African died from war & # 8211 ; but 2.2 million died from HIV/AIDS. These figures are harshly dismaying and name for immediate attending and action. The United States presently spends more than $ 800m a twelvemonth contending HIV infection, the one-year figure in Africa & # 8211 ; where at least two tierces of the universe & # 8217 ; s HIV septic people live & # 8211 ; the figure is merely $ 160m. These figures don t merely add up when it comes to proportionality.

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Addressing the monolithic inequalities in money available to undertake the disease is a must.Fewer than 200,000 in every 20 million work forces know they have the disease. When you think of AIDS, you think of unprotected sex and how slapping on a rubber will halt the lifting epidemic. Slaping on a rubber works when the job is non an epidemic.

Condoms are great protective agents but errors and misues occur frequently. Slaping on a rubber to the 23.3 million people in sub-Saharan Africa already affected will make nil for these persons.

Battling the lifting epidemic of AIDS is non traveling to be solved by go forthing it to Africa s leaders, neighbouring states with needful resources need must acquire involve. It would be great to state the full universe will acquire affect but that is non likely. Many people in Africa do non hold the resources we have in the America to purchase rubbers and to seek professional aid. We can non merely give resources to Africa we have to do them easy accesible to the full population.

Most persons with AIDS unfortunatley do non cognize they carry the deadily disease. Leaderships of African states are non doing their small towns and communities aware of the job.The first measure demands to be to do the community and small towns aware the job and the hazard.

By making this we make people cognizant of the epidemic and persons can began to take excess safeguards. We need to put up free 24/ hr anon. AIDS testing in assorted locations so persons can be tested with no strings attach. It may be a great item to set up these locations but the cost will be rather benefical in the old ages to come.

To calculate out solutions we need to look at where the job rooted.Unsanitary inoculation runs by the Gallic in cardinal Africa in the early 1900s might hold allowed HIV to take root. Jim Moore, an anthropologist at the University of California at San Diego, points to grounds that one clinic used merely six acerate leafs to immunise more than 89,000 people against kiping illness in 1916. The Gallic colonial authorities that ruled west equatorial Africa so enacted a barbarous policy of utilizing forced labour for big building undertakings. Congo-Ocean railroad built between 1921 and 1934 in an country so called the Gallic Congo. 0ver 20,000 people died working on the of malnutrition.

They people who survived were missing nutrient and traveling to desperate steps to acquire nutrient.Bruce Fetter, a societal historiographer of colonial Africa at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, said If they were underfed, they might hold gone away and at bay animate beings in the wood because they were hungry. The connexion we are seeking to do is the railway & # 8217 ; s location near the earliest known instance of HIV. The location is merely across the river Congo from the citY of Kinshasa, where the 1959 HIV-positive plasma sample was taken. Moore besides concludes, “It likely would hold been the first clip people were seeking to capture Pan troglodytess alive.

And you’re a batch more likely to acquire bitten by a unrecorded one.”The Gallic in more ways so one should be held partly responsible for the turning epidemic. Since when do you utilize six acerate leafs to immunise 89,000 people.

They were seeking to be inexpensive and it effects have been extremely dearly-won. The Tuskegee Experiment of the 1930 s, when black persons were wrongly given the disease Syphilis, subsequently in1972 became apt for their error. The authorities made a $ 9 million colony to the Tuskegee subsisters and the posterities of those who had died.Sub-saharan African demands to action the Gallic for their wrongs in a tribunal of jurisprudence. It would be impossible for the Gallic to give colonies to everyone caught in the epidemic but they can give money to supply needful resources, better physicians, and nutrient. Many people can non populate long with the disease because their organic structures are already malnutrition. Africa s money supply is low ; hence, they need help with fundss.

Africa must halt their procedure of immunisations taking topographic point within the state. Acerate leafs are being used for more than one patient because resources are limited. Sharing acerate leafs puts people at hazard for unsafe infections, such as the HIV virus. We want to believe that Africa is merely a state with a batch of sexual activity but that merely does non add up. HIV and AIDS are greatly increasing everyday the disease is go throughing by other agencies like needle exchange in immunisations. Thousands of people can be infected by one acerate leaf. It is non merely the sex killing off people.

The immunisation procedure must be changed.With the Gallic seting up money for intervention and research we can truly acquire to the nucleus of the job. Africa is in fact has the most natural resources every bit far as medical specialties and herbs. It is the figure one topographic point for homeopathic medical specialty, natural medical specialty. With good resources and western medical specialty physicians from America, were all the money is, we can come together can truly happen better intervention signifiers and possibly even a remedy. American and Africa must unify as one on this job. America has the western physicians and money while Africa has the natural resources needed for medical specialty. When you put two and two together you have a powerful lucifer.

A point we would genuinely like to look into is how is AIDS and HIV is infecting 23.3 million in sub-Saharan Africa were all the black people live and really few in topographic points were the white shippers, merchandisers, and bargainers live near to the Mediterranean Sea. This merely does non do sense. Merely the African people are being infected when other races live in the upper portion of Africa. I wonder because many surveies say when African states regained their freedom they merely got wild.

When we compare this epidemic to the comparatively little figure of African American who encountered Syphilis in America in the 1930 s. At this clip in America history Jim Crow Laws were going banned and Whites were losing their superior power over inkinesss. Blacks were marks for Syphilis. Many claimed it was a survey but why weren T any Whites being mark? Why is the white population in Africa exempted for the epidemic?Some disgusting drama is believed to be traveling from our point of position. Many Africans are no longer captives in their ain state. White powers have less power.

Could this be a tactic to command inkinesss or even kill them off? Africa is a continent with resources many other topographic points deficiency and what. Neighboring states have been seeking for 1000s of old ages to deprive Africa of its one of a sort resources. Whites no longer control Africa s freedom, so they must make a homeostasis un-balanced to destruct them. They tried it in American what makes you think they wont seek it in Africa.


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