Sub-Saharan Africa Current Event: Kony 2012 Essay


nytimes. com/top/reference/timestopics/people/k/joseph_kony/index. html Joseph Kony is a man from Uganda, Africa. He is a man who kidnaps children from Uganda and forces them to kill their parents. He used girls as sex slaves and boys to be in his army.

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He kidnapped up to 30,000 children a made an army called the LMA. He has killed thousands of children, and is still going. He is the number one criminal in the world. Joseph Kony is now hiding in one of the forests of Africa with his army.

Exact Location: Between 35 degrees north and 35 degrees south, and 20 degrees east and 60 degrees east Relative Location: Africa is in all 4 hemispheres and is South of Europe Place: The music, art, literature, and cultural practices of Africa have provoked interest and respect throughout the world. The old belief that Africa is somehow childlike in its cultural development has been denounced as people become more familiar with the rich traditions of the continent.The music and literature of the people have found their way into houses and classrooms around the globe. We are beginning to learn through the works of scholars, film makers, and writers that Africans can teach us much more than we can show them.

Human Environmental Interaction: Because dry lands take up 40 percent of the world’s land area, desertification is a global issue that affects almost all continents, especially Africa.The expansion of the Saharan desert is a huge environmental problem for farmers in Africa, and for all of Africa. Movement and communication: The population in Africa is 1,022,234,000 and is growing 5.

5% yearly. Public Relations and Communication Management is evolving in Africa, as African Nations seek political, industrial, and socio-economic growth.


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