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Reality TV 1. The text ”When Reality TV Gets Too Real” is written by Jeremy W. Peters in 2007. The text is about whether there should be a limit for how far you could go, when they were making reality TV, to get viewers.

Jeremy W. Peters starts telling that, in a recent episode of Intervention, A&E’s documentary series about addiction, Pam an alcoholic, is driving drunk, and no one from the camera crew did anything. Every year they are pushing the boundaries for what you can show in reality TV, even though it sometimes ends up in lawsuits.Sam Mettler, Intervention’s creator says that it is not easy to film reality TV. Sometimes he has had to step forward and stop someone from driving drunk, or even kill themselves.

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In the end he is saying that they would cross the line if anyone was putting themselves or somebody else in immediate danger. But it is a very delicate balance. 2. The three texts is all looking at reality TV from different points of views, but they all agree that reality TV is pushed to the limit, so they can keep keeping their viewers.In the text “When Reality TV Gets Too Real” the TV producers think that they should keep seeking the limit for what is acceptable. It is people on the edge there make good television.

They still think though, that it can be too much. In text “TV kidney competition was a hoax” their focus is on whether you can use body parts, and people’s life as entertainment, or it is crossing the line. The people interviewed to the text all think it was a good way to highlight the need for more donors. The text “Ethics of Reality TV” is written by and it discusses the ethics in reality TV, or rather the lack of ethics.

We can expose people for something that will humiliate them, and we will suck it in like animals, because it is that we want to see. 3. The focus in “When Reality TV Gets Too Real” is on Reality TV, and how there is no limit for what you can make people do on reality TV? This is shown in the following statement: “In recent years, producers and networks have increasingly pushed the boundaries of television voyeurism in search of another ratings hit. ” Every year producers of various TV shows have to push the boundaries a little bit, to keep the viewers interested.Some would say that it actually is our own fault that television is becoming what it is. People in reality shows have to be thrown out in wilder and more dangerous tasks each year, and the stupid and naive girl has to be replaced with a girl who is more stupid and more naive. Otherwise we find it boring after a while.

There need to be something outrageous there will blow our minds away, but it still cannot cross the line so the viewers is offend about it. If that happens the viewers will turn against the TV shows, and what before exited the viewers, now offended them. . Why do we love reality TV so much? Reality TV appears still more often in the TV. But what is it that is so fascinating, and makes us see it time after time? Entertain us in a way other TV-shows not have done before.

It is a way for us to see normal people living their life not very different than our own life. But the different is that these guys in reality TV do things out of the ordinary. These things can excite us, make us embarrassed of them, or feel compassion for them, and this makes us turn on the TV and follow them in their everyday life.What makes it further more exiting, is that the contestants could be our neighbor or other people that we know, and this makes us feel closer to the show, because the contestants is living in “the same world” as we do. The last big appeal is that they do things in TV that we would never do. This break the patterns there is described above, because these people there is living in “our world” is doing things there is normally not excepted I our world.

And it seems like that the more of these unaccepted things they are doing, the more it is appealing to us.


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