Struggles of Working Through College Essay

Many times when one wants to accomplish his or her dreams they must sacrifice many things to try and achieve who and where they want to be. Some of us are sacrificing time to be enrolled in college to ease that dream and make it into reality. Student enrolment to further education is constantly increasing due to the economic fallout and the demand of people with a college degree now is more required to land yourself a job that is highly rewarding. The downfall of all this is that enrolling into college means the high cost tuition fees and books.Many, like me, work to pay while they go to school, and sometimes working can have many effects on a student’s performance. In this essay I will highlight the effects of working a full time job, being a full time student, and the increase of students with fulltime jobs In Today’s economy students are forced to work due to inflation of gas, tuition, and rent. We all need money it’s an essential part of life and sometimes if you don’t have the right education finding a good job can be hard. Instead we usually end up having to work long hours by an employer that only pays minimum wage.

Students are increasingly likely to work while in college. Since 1984, the fraction of college students aged 16 to 24 who also work full- or part-time has increased from 49 to 57 percent. ” (Jonathan M. Orszag, August 2009) We can see that more and more students are working full time jobs and I predict that the number will increase due to the economy inflation. With working a full-time job can also come negative effects. The effects that come with working a full time job and being a full time student are that, working a full time job can take away from school time and could cause people to fall behind in their classes.

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Another negative effect can be that it takes away from a young adult’s social life when at this age its supposed to be the most exciting time of our life’s; we don’t get to do a lot of the things we want. Lastly, I believe that we sometimes can get a little overwhelmed with school work and the pressure of work which sometimes leads to dropping out of college. It is said that, “36% of college students who work during college leads to overwhelming stress which leads to dropping out. ” (Jonathan M. Orszag, August 2009) As there are negative effects there are also positive as well that makes working an advantage.Getting work experience now while we are in school is good so when we get out we have a good resume for a much rewarding job. Secondly, working can be beneficial to start off with paying loans instead of having to pay a big amount after graduation. For me, working a full time job and going to school full time is an advantage because I feel more motivated and more focused on school straight out of work.

As a conclusion we can understand a little more on why there are many good and negative effects for working a full time job, as well as being enrolled in college full time.Like me, my friends, and many others may learn that, we don’t realize the struggles and sacrifices one takes to want to pursue their dream. But once we are actually are in the situation we are able to appreciate the sacrifices we are making, and we know that road won’t be easy. But just remember that after the hard work and completion of college the sky is the limit to where we want to be.Bibliography* Jonathan M.

Orszag, P. R. (August 2009). LEARNING AND EARNING: WORKING IN COLLEGE . New york, New york: Upromise, Inc.


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