Street Wise Essay Research Paper Conflict Theory

Street Wise Essay, Research PaperConflict Theory is a basic construct that was founded by Karl Marx. The theory suggests that everything that happens in society is a consequence of struggle. This Theory teaches us that the elitist category in society does everything in their power to maintain the lower categories where they are. In the Movie Street Wise, Richard, Duane, and Erin are low-level childs who have to cover with the jobs that society has brought on them. This category of childs learns to cover with life in their ain manner, on the rules they learned to follow.

The film Street Wise takes topographic point in Seattle where we foremost meat Duane. Duane is a sixteen-year-old male that lives on the street. Duane s day-to-day activities include acquiring up at 12, paying 50 cents to lavish, imploring for money, and stoping the twenty-four hours by making drugs. Duane s full life is in struggle with what society considers the norm.

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We ask ourselves why is Duane populating on the street, why is he paying money to lavish, and eventually why does he implore for money? The ground behind Duane s job is the path of his non-existent household. Duane s household is barely involved in his life. His female parent is non-existent and his male parent is in gaol for burglary, incendiarism and many other charges. Even though Duane negotiations to his pa in prison, this is no manner for a male child of his age to populate his life. Duane s father knows that Duane is taking a really unproductive life and tells Duane this.

Duane s father asks him if he does drugs and fumes because he is concerned about his physical well being. Duane s dad hopes to acquire out of gaol and seek to turn both of their lives around. The ground behind Duane s unfulfilling life was because Duane didn T have anyone to learn him right and incorrect. Duane was forced into making what others did to do a life for themselves. Duane adapted to the rules of life on the street and ne’er got the opportunity to socialise with childs that weren T in the same type of state of affairss.Richard is a male child who lives on the street with his friend Jack. Richard begs for money, bargains pizzas and eats from Dumpsters. Richard s life is a batch similar to that of his friend Duane s.

Richard no longer lives at place because his household didn t want him to because of all the illegal offenses he commits. Richard s ma seems to hold emotional jobs, which do non assist Richard s state of affairs. Richard s household life is atrocious because he doesn t live at place, doesn T go to school, and has no manner of doing a life. At one point his ma wants him to come place, but what good is that to him? His ma and male parent do non look to acquire along and this will merely lend to a bad physical environment for Richard.Erin is another chief character in Street Wise ; she is a fourteen-year-old miss who isn Ts in any better state of affairs than Richard and Duane. Erin sleeps about, accepts money for sex and does whatever she wants. Unlike the household life of Richard and Duane, Erin has a female parent that is involved in her life in a little manner.

Erin s ma says she loves her girl and doesn T want anything to go on to her. Is this merely a camouflage? Does Erin s female parent truly care about her girl? Erin s ma does non make what is necessary to assist her girl live a normal and productive life in the society. I am afraid some twenty-four hours I will acquire a call and my girl will be dead. If Erin s ma feels this manner why doesn T she try to acquire her girl from making these bad Acts of the Apostless? Why doesn T Erin s female parent and measure dad seek to acquire Erin to travel to school and learn her the ways to populating a productive life?In Duane s life where was the love he needed? The love of a household was ne’er present and caused the diminishing failure to his personal well being. Richard ne’er had a household of love ; hencehe didn T cognize what one was. Richard had no job life in a hovel, imploring for money or making whatever was necessary to last. This is a major struggle that Duane was ne’er able to get the better of. The decreasing qualities of life finally lead Duane to taking his ain.

One must inquire what is incorrect with society that a male child of his age didn T get the benefits that most of us did. At one point in clip Duane went to the physician to acquire checked out and the physician realized all of the physical and emotional jobs this male child had. Why didn T this physician call societal services and seek to acquire this male child a existent opportunity in this universe? I guess physicians of his economic position merely do their occupation and seek to assist the manner they can with medical specialty. This could be considered one of the major defects with society. The Rich get richer and the hapless get poorer.

Richard s narrative ends with him traveling to Alaska and desiring to liberate his brother Mike out of gaol. Richard s life was no better than that of any individual that s on the street. His twenty-four hours consisted of the usual thieving Acts of the Apostless. In Richards instance there was besides no love.

Richard had cipher to put the guidelines to assist him be a all-around stripling. The lone individual Richard had was his friend, Jack, another street drug addict. Certain they were friends and likely had some type of love in their friend ship, but what good is that? To be successful you need to be taught the ways of life. There is no manner of cognizing if Richard of all time made it to Alaska, he could hold died on the manner.

It isn T as if Richard had adequate money, the instruction, or the mental stamina to turn up on his ain.Erin, a miss of merely 14 old ages of age does whatever she wants no affair what the effects might be on her organic structure. To her, money and sex were the most of import things. She felt she was obligated to doing a life by holding sex. Erin s female parent may hold gave her money and said she cared about her, but we all know that wasn T true to the full extent. A state of affairs develops where Erin feels she may or may non be pregnant and goes to the physician to happen out.

The physician and her talk, and discourse some of the jobs that could originate if you keep holding unprotected sex. The physician knows of all the things Erin does, and realizes she is merely 14 old ages old. The physician asks her of the ages of people she has had sex with and must hold realized that holding sex with a fourteen-year-old miss is statutory colza. Erin s ma finds out that her girl may or may non be pregnant and seems to merely shrug it off. She realizes that her girl is soiled yet she doesn Ts truly seem to care. This is another illustration of another life wasted because of household jobs.Conflict Theory is a major job in society of today, and we need to assist people take the right waies to take a successful life.

There is no alibi for striplings populating on the streets with no attentions in the universe. In today s society many people give to charities and aid others, but at that place will ever be people that have live on the street. Situations like the 1s in Street Wise go on all the clip and we need to halt these things from go oning. Over the last few old ages we have been faced with similar jobs of adolescent maltreatment and we need to rectify them. The Columbine shots were a job of struggle between the popular childs and the unpopular, and this calamity had an impact in states all over the universe. Street Wise is a premier illustration of childs who grew up in non-cooperative households that ruined their lives. The struggle between the elect category acquiring richer and the hapless acquiring poorer will be a job that this society will hold to cover with for a long clip.

We need to make what we can to minimise reoccurrences like the 1s we saw in this film.31e


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