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A particular position to the Hyderabad-Karnataka part under Article 371J of the Indian Constitution has provided much joy to the people of the six territories on the Eve of Karnataka Rajyostava this twelvemonth. On October 23, 2013, President Pranab Mukherjee has given his acquiescence to the notification– the State of Karnataka ( Particular Responsibility of Governor for Karnataka-Hyderabad Region ) Order, 2013. Earlier, the Union Cabinet approved the presentment. The presentment signed by the President says: The Governor of Karnataka shall hold the particular duty for the constitution of a separate development board for the Hyderabad-Karnataka part and other affairs referred to in clause ( 1 ) and clause ( 2 ) of the Article 371J of the Constitution in regard of the part. Now, the Governor will publish an order to put up a Development Board for the part ; guarantee just allotment of financess for development of the part ; and supply for reserve in educational and vocational preparation establishments, and State authorities places in the part for individuals from six territories. Different political parties and industry and trade organic structures have welcomed the Congress led United Progressive Alliance Government’s determination to supply the particular position and congratulated the people of H-K part for acquiring particular position under Article 371. Karnataka had been pressing the Centre for allowing particular position to the H-K part, the 2nd largest waterless part in the state, for the past few decennaries. The Bill ( 118th amendment ) was introduced in the Parliament in 2012 and a new Article 371J was inserted in the Constitution. The Bill was passed by both the Houses of Parliament.


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The Hyderabad-Karnataka ab initio comprised the three territories of Bidar, Gulbarga and Raichur,

which formed portion of the deluxe province of Hyderabad. The Gazetteer of India gives a graphic history of the dearths and scarceness conditions that prevailed in this part from the seventeenth century. Drought and great dearths devastated huge countries in this part on a continual footing. Large-scale deceases by famishment occurred often. In recent times, the most terrible happening of drouth was in 1970-71. Scarcity conditions prevailed in the 1980s and once more affected the part from 2002-03 onwards when the full province experienced terrible drouth. To intensify the agony inflicted by nature, the deluxe province of Hyderabad, unlike the deluxe province of Mysore, was interested neither in developing the part economically, nor in puting in human capital. Today, the term, ‘Hyderabad Karnataka’ is used to depict the three territories mentioned above, along with the territory of Bellary ( which was portion of the former Madras province, and had a different political and administrative bequest but which is immediate with the northeasterly territories ) , and the new territory of Koppal, which has been carved out of Raichur, and Yadgir territory which has been carved out of Gulbarga territory. Now, the part comprises six territories – Gulbarga, Yadgir, Raichur, Koppal, Bellary and Bidar – is good known for several historical memorials. The part is endowed with rich mineral resources such as Fe ore and bauxite. Gulbarga is divisional central office of the part and the Development Board. The Kannada speech production part was ruled by the Nizams of Hyderabad until 1948. After unifying with Indian Union, the part was the portion of Hyderabad province until 1956. After reorganization of provinces in 1956, the part consisting six territories became portion of the present Karnataka.






What is Article 371-J?

1. It confers particular position to the six backward territories of Hyderabad-Karnataka part to

Establish of a separate Development Board.

2. The Board will see that sufficient financess are allocated for development of the part.

3. Reservation for locals in instruction and Government occupations ( birth or domicile demand. )


Major aims are to supply particular commissariats taking to set up an institutional mechanism for just allotment of financess to run into development demands of the part and to heighten human resources and advance employment by supplying for local cells in service and reserve in educational and vocational preparation establishments.

Why Particular Status?

Regions such as Marathwada and Vidarbha in Maharashtra and Telangana in Andhra Pradesh have already received a particular position. The H-K part, which is located in the north-east of the

State, is the 2nd largest waterless part in India. In all indexs of development, the H-K part remained rearward compared to Mysore part and coastal part of the State. The six territories organizing portion of the H-K part are among the most backward territories in the State. Harmonizing to the Dr D.M. Nanjundappa Committee Report on regional instabilities in the State, the part contains 21 of the 39 Most Backward Taluks in the State.


Earlier, a declaration to do particular commissariats for the H-K part was passed by both Houses of Karnataka Legislature in March 2012 for set uping an institutional mechanism to develop the part and advance inclusive growing. It aimed to cut down inter-region and inter-district disparity in Karnataka. This Bill was introduced in Parliament to give consequence to this declaration.


The authorities has decided to reserve 70 per cent of seats in educational establishments to locals. The quota was fixed by a six-member Cabinet sub-committee headed by Rural Development and Panchayat Raj Minister Sri HK Patil. The sub-committee was constituted to border regulations for the execution of Article 371 ( J ) in the H-K part. A sum of 75 per cent and 80 per cent of stations will be earmarked, severally, for the local population in Group ‘A’ and Group ‘B’categories and 85 per cent in Group ‘C’ and ‘D’ . There will be relative reserve in publicities, excessively, Chief Minister Sri Siddaramaiah said. Eight per cent of the seats in the province pool in territories outside the Hyderabad-Karnataka zone will be reserved for people from the part. In all, the Cabinet sub-committee headed by Sri H K Patil had made several recommendations, including supplying the particular grants for educational establishments in the part, inducements for growing of industrial investing, sub-plan for public assistance of the Scheduled Castes and Tribes and particular programmes for the public assistance of adult females, among others.

Implementation Committee

An official-level Implementation Committee will be constituted to supervise the overall development activities in the part. The Secretary of the Board will be the president of the commission. CEOs of ZPs, Deputy Commissioners, Vice-Chancellor of Gulbarga University, will be its members.

A study of the working of the Board will be placed each twelvemonth before the State Assembly. Once the Board is constituted, the present Hyderabad-Karnataka Development Board Act, 1991, will be repealed.

Our Schemes to better the position of Hyderabad Karnataka part with a focal point on Raichur territory.


Education plays a critical function in the development of any part. So we tried to set best scheme which will certainly assist in the development of instruction in KH part.

The literacy rate in the territory is shown in the undermentioned tabular array.




% of decadal addition


46.75 %

62.02 %

15.27 %


21.70 %

36.84 %

15.14 %


34.34 %

49.54 %

15.20 %

The instruction profile of Raichur territory:

There are around 1500 primary schools and around 550 high schools are at that place in the territory. The schools are at a distance of 1 KM from each other. The following tabular array shows the registration of pupils into the school demoing the hapless ratio as per EMIS information for the twelvemonth 2004-05.



Classs I-V

Classs VI-VIII

Grand Total

Male childs



Male childs
























































For primary schools, there are entire of 5278 canonic stations for instructors. Whereas merely 4772 have been filled go forthing 506 stations vacant. As a consequence instructor pupil ratio is less as it should be. The narrative is similar for high school besides.

Approximately there are 70 PU colleges exists in the territory and 56 grade colleges are at that place in the whole territory which tells the narrative of literacy rate of higher instruction compared to schools degree. Besides there are 07 technology colleges and 4 medical colleges are running in the territory. One PG centre is running few PG classs, M.Phil and PhD classs. One thing should be noticed that there is no research centre in the territory particularly for proficient classs. Besides there no individual university in the territory.

Our scheme for the betterment of instruction

  • Bettering the instructor student’s ratio ( 1:15 )
  • Supplying the basic substructures such as sufficient category suites for pupils, resort areas, library, lavatories etc. which is missing really much in this part.
  • Bus installation particularly for the pupils from rural background.
  • Proper use of HKDB fund for the enlisting of the quality instructors
  • Conducting the campus interviews for the enlisting of alumnus and graduate student campaigners
  • Introducing occupation oriented classs such as B.Sc place scientific discipline, B.Sc in life, BBM in hotel direction etc.
  • Conducting communicating accomplishment oriented plans which are really indispensable in HK part
  • Conducting training category for competitory tests like KAS, IAS, IPS, IFS, Bank provisional officers etc. , for both UG and PG pupils
  • Increasing the computing machine literacy rate which is required facet in today’s competitory universe.

City substructures

It is really of import that the metropolis should hold basic substructure. It will do the society to populate peacefully therefore can concentrate on their work decently. The metropoliss in KH part are non planned good. There is no systematic distribution of H2O system, market system, roads, street visible radiations, security etc. The metropolis holding the lift of 1,335ft, incorporating the population of around 2.5 hundred thousand ( harmonizing to the twelvemonth 2011 ) .

Following are our schemes for the development of metropolis substructure.

  • Bettering drainage system which is in really bad status
  • Bettering H2O installation. We have so many rivers available such as Krishna and Tungabhadra. even though we face plentifulness of jobs for imbibing H2O, particularly in small towns
  • Most of the so called roads in these parts are non constructed harmonizing to the metropolis plans as consequence we face traffic jobs such as traffic jam, accidents.
  • Even though the authorities is passing crores of money, but non implemented consistently.


Allotment of Budget

Budget released



153 crore

30 crore

53 hundred thousand


600 crore

300 crore

11.09 crore


The people in these parts are confronting Numberss of jobs such as instruction, employment, metropolis substructures, roads etc. These people are taking political leaders like MLA’s, MP’s and MLC’s but non nearing them for their above said jobs. At the same clip Politician’s should besides be cognizant of these things and seek to better their services consequently.

Introducing educational and employment based industries

In these parts there are no important educational establishments such as IIT’s, IIM’s, Consultancies and much more. Introducing such establishments will decidedly better the employability and therefore the HK part. Besides there are no such subdivisions of industries or companies like motors, autos, oils, Millss etc. Introducing such companies or industries will certainly assist the educated campaigners to busy their occupations and procure their supports.


As all we know that husbandmans are anchor of our state. So it really of import to supply all the installations to our husbandmans to cultivate the different harvests for our support.

As mentioned above we have many rivers like Tungabhadra and Krishna. But still 1000s of hectares of lands are dry. This is because our authorities is non be aftering good for the irrigation. Of class authorities is presenting many strategies but the execution ratio is really hapless. As a consequence our husbandmans are confronting drought state of affairs that will taking in self-destruction of many husbandmans. During the period 2009-14 about 7.48 lakhs hectares of land was estimated for change overing into irrigation land. Whereas merely 2.25 lakhs hectares of land is converted into irrigation land demoing merely 30 % of execution. Recent study says that about Rs. 915 crores of loss due to the non-supply of H2O among the bing H2O canals. Many husbandmans are migrating towards metropolitan metropoliss like, Bangalore, Hyderabad etc. ensuing the sky touching nutrient monetary values.


The wellness is the most of import facet in anybody’s life. Without good wellness there will be no farther talk. So it is really of import that every citizen should keep a good wellness for their happy life. Harmonizing to study sum there are 147 canonic stations of physicians out of which merely 71 physicians have been appointed go forthing more than 50 % stations unfilled. As a consequence common people particularly hapless people are enduring from assorted diseases without the intervention. Hence the diseases are besides distributing in the faster rate. This affects straight and indirectly the development of the Raichur territory. The authorities is presenting many wellness consciousness plans such as AIDS, H1N1, and Polio etc. At the same clip people are non acquiring sufficient benefits particularly in our part because of deficiency of consciousness. This is due to the hapless literacy rate. So education plays a critical function in keeping a good wellness. This should be a subject of treatment.


Raichur is a celebrated metropolis for many grounds. Raichur is called “Cotton metropolis of India” because it has the repute of highest production of cotton in India. We have a separate market for cotton Millss. Raichur is besides celebrated for its history. Once upon a clip it was ruled by Mughals. Hence it is holding the Bibles of garrisons. The celebrated Raichur garrison is situated at the bosom of metropolis beside the bus-stand. There is another must see topographic point named “Malyabad” where we can see many Bibles of garrisons and temples. There is another topographic point which is a lake called as “Aam-Talaab” situated merely below the garrison. There is one more of import devotional topographic point called “Mantralayam” which is situated around 40 kilometres from Raichur metropolis. The brindhavan of the great Sri. Raghavendra swaniji is habituated here. Raichur is besides celebrated for its production of power which is situated at around 18 kilometre from it and about 60 % of power is produced and supplied from here. Entire there are eight power production workss are at that place which produces power utilizing coal as a natural stuff. Raichur is besides celebrated for many grounds so it is a must see topographic point. Hence by presenting the touristry section in the metropolis will be no more background. Raichur is really convenient to go. It has coachs from major metropoliss every bit good as small towns. It is holding railway station and about all trains have stopped here back uping touristry.


Of class Hyderabad-Karnataka part is really hapless in footings of overall development. In this paper we have presented a brief and systematic survey of Hyderabad-Karnataka part along with the scheme of development of Raichur territory which is a portion of it. Raichur has every platform to develop. It has good geographical country to develop roads, markets and to build industries, companies, major educational establishments. All we need to make is be aftering and execution. Government has provided a particular topographic point for Hyderabad-Karnataka part under 371 ( J ) . We have discussed about Raichur territory utilizing some facts and figures. Our survey chiefly focused on the factors which affects the development of Raichur territory. This paper will decidedly assist the politicians like MLAs, MP’s and MLC’s to assist the Raichur territory in the development facet. It besides has a message to all people of Raichur territory to lend in the overall development of Raichur.


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