Strategies for Managing Stress Essay

We have to begin understanding what job stress is. Job stress is deal with something and we handle it different ways. The stress is not too bad; the key is to learn and manage stress for maximizing our job performance and keeping our physical and mental health (Quintessential, 2011).

The symptoms the of the job stress are indifference, negativism attitude, worry, frustration, depression, physical problems, and absence. The possible causes of job stress are two the differences in individual characteristic as personality. The second is working conditions are stress inducing, as the fear of loosing job, work demand, lack of control, and conflicting job. We have different ways to deal with the stress. According to Quintessential, 2011 Put it perspective, the job are disposable, but friends, families, and our health not.Managers always expect more of the employees, and put to much pressure on the employees. Modify job situation, if we like our company, but the job has become stressful or boring, ask about tailoring the job to own skills.

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Get time away, if we feel stress build, take a break; doing some activity that helps with the stress. Be organized; taking time to organize the workplace, it helps with sense of losing the control not easy. Talk it out; reducing stress is sharing the stress with someone who is close to us. It is important to get support and empathy form someone else is excellent.

Find humor in the situation, not take the things too seriously or personal. Have realistic expectations, nobody is perfect, and Maintain a positive attitude.ReferencesQuintessential.(2011).

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