Strategic use of Information Systems (IS) at ACCO Brands Company Essay


ACCO Brands was the last company where I was working before to be laid off a twelvemonth and a half ago. The company was and still is supplying supplies of office merchandises such as Swingline, Kensington, Wilson Jones, GBC and more. Their gross revenues and force distribution webs has tentacles over 100 states and their superior trade names office merchandises satisfy its clients. To be figure one, ACCO Brands Company needs to run into consumer penchants, demands and do dramatic alterations at the workspace, societal and technological.


In 2005, ACCO Brands Corporation becomes independent by dividing itself from Fortune Brands. In the same twelvemonth it merges with GBC ( General Binding Corporation ) and formed the biggest provider of branded office merchandises. Because of all these alterations, ACCO Brands was forced to alter and better their information systems and their maps.

After dividing from Fortune Brands the alterations were n’t major in information system because everything what was from Fortune Brands and ACCO World remained in the same edifice without any alterations, merely people who were from Fortune Brands left the edifice to a different location.We were working in IBM Cognos, Impromptu, Cosmo, but after the amalgamation people from GBC learned our systems and people from ACCO Brands learned portion of their system like Macola. Those applications package had computing machine plans that could be split up for different intents, maps and specific classs, but could n’t bring forth complex spreadsheets and studies.

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The passage was n’t really smooth because many people left, other were laid off, some stayed in a same place and others were promoted. But after a piece, everybody was working together to accomplish a common set of aims.Because the company was turning fast, the ends and demands were different as they said on their ACCO Brands a Global Company web site:

    As we build our trade names, we are constructing a high public presentation civilization through invention and grim chase of excellence.

    We have respect for all and are committed to common ends that will steer our concern to keep a high degree of service to ourselves and clients.

As a consequence, the president, frailty president together with directors from different countries decides to reorganise the company and update the full information system. They implement a new system for Financial Applications named Oracle E-Business Suite 11i such as Order Management, Shipping Execution, and Inventory Item Maintenance applications.

For Reporting and Analysis they implement PowerPlay and ReportNet and for client maestro put in pattern IBM Mainframe. Besides, they changed all desk computing machines with new and competitory machines and give new laptops for portion of the employees to be able to work from place, out in the field, in a conference room, at a meeting offsite or in a hotel room in another state. They adopted Windows XP to be certain that these machines can manage current operations and awaited new systems excessively.The passage went good because they were able prior to travel life to seek few times and see if the system was working by utilizing RWD preparation solutions. Besides, they did the alterations by section, so one hebdomad they implement the new system in Finance, the followers in the Human Recourse and so on. Prior to this, each individual has at least a twenty-four hours of preparation and an execution usher for aid. After the execution, jobs occurred in each section, but people from IT helped us by reconfigure Oracle and accommodate our demands. Those issues were at a different degree and were easier to happen out where the error is because was between directors and employees.

It took ACCO Brands two old ages until the execution was done at all degrees. ACCO Brands had aid from RWD ‘s preparation solutions and the IT director said:

    We had already found RWD ‘s tools and methodological analysis to be really valuable and really cardinal to everything we were seeking to make with it, ” remarked Sherrill Voegel, IT preparation director for ACCO. “ When our most recent demands arose, we instantly turned to RWD for support.

ACCO Brands Company did n’t halt here ; they changed the pressmans with a modern papers direction system that is able to make many undertakings like as an optical scanner, duplicator, facsimile and pressman. As good, the cyberspace connexion was T3, non T1 as earlier, the extranet had everything from spreadsheets to 401K program and the ACCO Brands web site was update and was much easier to shop it. After two old ages of difficult work on all degrees, the consequence of execution to the new package was a success and provided the employees with a flexible system. For illustration, “ histories collectible was transformed from a manual procedure into a streamlined system that automatically checks bills against surpassing payments and request reappraisals of any disagreements via electronic mail ” ( O’Brien and Marakas, page 130 ) .No affair how many alterations they did to update the full information system, ACCO Brands Company needs to maintain up with everything what is new and in April this twelvemonth, Oracle announced a new operation application that provides “ a foundation to back up smart grid enterprises ” named Utilities Network Management System 1.

9.0. This application is “ designed to assist public-service corporations expeditiously distribute power, better web dependability, entree real-time outage informations, rapidly direct field crews to outage locations, cut down outage continuances, increase client satisfaction and do more informed asset-utilization determinations ” ( Transmission & A ; Distribution World -Online Exclusive, April 22, 2009 ) .


ACCO Brands Company had unified end for clients to develop the best merchandises in the industry, bring forthing returns for investors and pleased the employees by making a workplace that rewards inaugural and invention. Be a pleasance to work with them and be portion of their squad!


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