Strategic opportunities for its customers to share

 StrategicCommunication PlanCampaign Impact and Duration• The campaign would increase thebrand awareness and goodwill especially in new international markets.• The campaign would increase number of subscription• Increase the frequency rate of all current advertising messages by 50 percentand extend our reach by 10 percent.Creative Strategy• Getzee has to keep expanding thecollection it already has by bidding for more popular TV titles. • Increase exclusive content from in house production. • Collaborate with well-known actors to create more original series and releasethe seasons in less than 12 months.Integration StrategyGetzee can do more to accommodate differentinternet speeds so that these customers can watch from anywhere they have aninternet connection and can work with internet service providers so thatcustomers may have special internet packages enable them watch their moviesmore comfortably with affordable internet service.Getzee offers a free six month trialfor all of the new subscribers aiming at showing the high value of servicebefore the subscriber commit to us.

The objective is to attract more loyalsubscribers because people join with confidence of what they are purchasingwhich increase trust and loyalty among subscribersPromotional MixAdvertising Strategy• Traditional Advertising:Television reaches more people than the internet.Digital Marketing Strategy• Use mobile ads to increase awarenesson instant streaming service on particular mobile devices.• Social media is extremely important because the service is located on thesame place where the social media is.

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Getzee provides opportunities for itscustomers to share and interact with their friends in various social mediawhile they are on their subsequent accountsSales Promotion StrategyPrice: The company is likely to reactif not changing the price will result to lost subscriptions.People: We should have highly qualified and fast customer service people totake care of the customers because that is the only point of contact with thecustomers. We would respond within 5 minutes of a call to all customers andthis could be improved further to 3 minutes.Place: Process in which customers go through to subscribe is to be made simpleand self-service. It reflects the convenience aspect of the service.Sales Force StrategyGetzee can also partner with companiesto develop programs specific to their platforms that will come pre-installed onall their devices. Further partnership can be done with cable and gamingcompanies to develop instant streaming option for video games.

Contentproviders also should be approached for exclusive rights to content before thecompetitors do the same.Sponsership and EventsGetzee can sponsor for movies andentertainment awards like Zee Cine Awards, IIFA Awards etc and for differentFilm Festivals. This will gain more awareness in the market and get toadvertise to the customers who have actual interest in movies.Experimental MarketingQR codes are becoming popular as smartphones become more standard.

We can also arrange for the QR codes to be put onpop-corn packages that are used in movie theatres even those sold in stores.The QR codes will lead customers to our website and YouTube clips ofcommercials.Implementation


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