Strategic Management Process within the Global Environment Essay

The HP or Hewlett-Packard Company is one of the biggest computing machine companies in the Earth. It was established in the twelvemonth 1939 by William Hewlett and David Packard.

Its first merchandise was an oscillator which was used for mensurating sounds. In the 1966, HP entered into the computing machine field with the design of the 2116A which was designed to analyse and garner the informations produced by the HP instruments. It has continuously increased its merchandises coverage as it is depicted by the fact that it presently sells over 10,000 different merchandises in the computing machine field and electronics. This research paper is traveling to concentrate on the subjects viz. ; my feeling on the operations of the HP, the HP SWOT analysis, the competitory advantage and competitory schemes of the HP, the value concatenation of the HP unity waiters and other strategic options which are unfastened to the HP (, n.d ) .

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Personally, I am non impressed with the operations of the HP. This is because it has really hapless client services. For illustration they are non antiphonal to the clients demands. This is because they can non work out some important proficient jobs. For case I purchased a HP 1219 pressman which was replaced four times. This pressman still has some jobs because the drivers are non working suitably. Many people have besides complained about this sort of jobs but the proficient staff still remains clueless. Again, every clip I call to describe this pressman malfunctions am ever told that it will be addressed after two or three yearss but really the proficient staff takes more than even a hebdomad to come to my place to repair the jobs.

SWOT analysisStrengthsLarge in sizeLarge market portionA strong fiscal baseLow debt degreesExcellent merchandise portfolio variegationMarket leader in inkjets and optical maserStudy trade name equityFailingsPoor trade name acknowledgmentLow selling speed/responsivenessLack of cardinal competencesLow profitableness Sue to low gross revenues volume and high production costsLimited merchandisesOpportunitiesNew market venture supplying the chance to spread out client baseMarket diversenessCustomer satisfaction-high demandCapitalizing on emerging engineeringsAcquisitionsMenacesDecreased demandSlow market growingCompetition fro emerging companiesChanges in gustatory sensations and penchantsUnfavorable demographic alterationsHeightened consumer outlooksAn in-depth account of the SWOT above is provided below.StrengthsOne of the strengths of the HP company is its size. This is because after it merged with the Compaq it became the universe ‘s largest computing machine peripherals and hardware company in the universe. The other strength is that it renders its service and merchandises into more than 170 states including the undeveloped and the developed states. The following strength is that it dominates the market for pressmans ( optical maser and inkjet ) for the consumers and besides for the companies utilizing the economic systems of graduated table. Again, it generates around 500 $ 6.1 billion in hard currency from its operations and besides it has increased its hard currency equivalents to over 3 billion ( fiscal strength ) . The other strength is that it has low degrees of debts therefore doing it easier for it to increase its investings.

The HP has ever diversified its merchandise and this has propelled its endurance in the recession times (, n.d ) .FailingsHP Company has some failings alongside its strengths. For illustration there is hapless trade name acknowledgment. This is because some of its merchandises are non known or even used chiefly in the development and undeveloped states. Another failing is low marketing velocity or reactivity.

This is because the company does n’t market its new merchandises with the appropriate urgency and once more the proficient squad does to go to to the care services required suitably. Another failing is that it lacks cardinal competences. The company is besides sing low profitableness due to low volumes of gross revenues and high production and operation costs. Another failing is that of limited merchandises. This is because the company does n’t bring forth some merchandises whose supply is less compared to their market demand.

OpportunitiesSome of the chances confronting HP market include the possible to increase the client base. This is because it has moved into the new markets. Another chance is market diverseness because the company Y has continually been bring forthing new merchandises into the markets.

Another chance is client satisfaction. This is because when the demands of the clients are satisfied there will be high demand therefore high gross revenues ensuing to increase of the company ‘s profitableness. The company besides has the chance to capitalise on new engineerings. The invention of other devices such as the nomadic printing boosts the gross revenues of the company and besides stabilizes the company ‘s competition with other companies. The other chance is the acquisition of other organisations. The HP can get the other smaller computing machine companies which are neglecting hence increasing its market base. Another chance is the addition of the client satisfaction.

This is because increased client satisfaction can take to increased gross revenues or demand and hence increased profitableness.MenacesThere are assorted menaces confronting HP company. One of them is decreased client demand. Lack of demand leads to low volumes of gross revenues therefore low profitableness.

Another menace is the slower market growing brought about by deficiency of reactivity and low selling velocity. There are besides emerging companies which are presenting strong competition to the HP market base and even the competition from old rivals is billowing. Another failing is the clients ‘ alterations in gustatory sensations and penchant whereby the demand for some goods is traveling worsening. Another menace is the inauspicious demographic alterations. This is because increased population will name for new engineerings and even high demand of goods whereby the company may non hold the capacity to fit such demands. Another menace is the heightened consumer outlooks.

This is because many consumers expect a batch from the company ‘s merchandises and services and the company may non hold the capacity to run into all this outlooks.Competitive advantage refers to the high quality achieved by a house when it is in a capacity to supply goods of similar value to its rivals though at a lower monetary value. The Company can besides bear down higher monetary values which are accompanied by greater value as a consequence of distinction. Competitive scheme refers to the moves by a company to pull clients, withstand any competitory steps and to beef up the house ‘s market place. HP has a competitory scheme and advantage (, n.

d ) . This is because it has competitory schemes that sustain the competitory advantage. This scheme is the care of the critical antonyms. For illustration you will happen that all companies have about the same stated values. However, HP unlike the other companies takes its values earnestly. This is because the values are treated as the direction tool. The earnestness of the values is depicted by the fact that they are non spread through sloganeering. However, they serve as the standard for determination devising and promotion ( organisational civilization ) .

Another competitory scheme in HP is the integrating of the critical antonyms whereby unlike the other companies HP creates an environment that appreciates individuality but at the same clip remains supportive to teamwork. This is because HP promotes cross-functional squads and besides rates public presentation harmonizing to personal accomplishment and decentralised concern units.HP has besides broken down the barriers of communicating by furthering cognition and accomplishments needed when work outing the bing jobs in the company. It besides possesses corporate capablenesss whereby the company has typical capablenesss which can non be copied by other companies ( competitory advantage ) . Another competitory scheme adopted by the HP theoretical account is the creative activity of the client centric theoretical account whereby its inventions are client driven. This is because they stay near to clients, listen to and besides spouse with them with the purpose of making superior client value.

HP has besides founded some really strong trade names which are intangible to rivals ( competitory advantage ) . It has besides formed partnerships with other companies NGOs and transnational companies whereby rivals have no opportunity or chance.Value concatenation refers to the sequence of activities a company adapts to plan, bring forth, and market, deliver, and back up its merchandise or service.

In other word it means a aggregation of activities that are linked together and add value which converts inputs into end products and helps make a competitory advantage. For a peculiar merchandise, a value concatenation consist of ; inward distribution, fabricating operations, outbound distribution, selling and merchandising and after gross revenues services. Value concatenation analysis is the activities an organisation utilizations and puts it in a competitory place. It describes activities within and around an organisation and compares them to the competitory strength of the organisation. Hewlett-Packard provides unity waiters which are dependable and fulfilling its clients and working in the involvement of the environment, other stakeholders, communities and employees ( H20338.www2.hp.

com, n.d ) . To guarantee HP stands on top of the market, Hewlett-Packard has a broad squad of employees in different states of the universe in 10 different linguistic communications. Integrity waiters from HP offer concern and societal usage solutions. HP ensures its merchandises are environmental friendly, and quality to fulfill its clients and carry through their undertakings. The waiters provide a mission-critical substructure, from entry-class to superdome.

HP can besides buttonhole monolithic advertisement for these waiters to edify the people about the nowadays of this quality merchandise in the market and how it would alter their lives positively. Another scheme is to add functionalities to the HP unity server so that users feel more satisfied when utilizing the merchandise and increase their gross revenues volumes.One of the alternate schemes available for the HP is the focal point and executes scheme. This is because the HP has the ability to accomplish great profitableness by concentrating on high imagination and printing and besides the high -end sort of services. The other scheme should be client focal point.

This is because it has many inventions and besides many old merchandises. For a company to hold a stable market, the demands of the clients should be number ones in consideration for they form the foundation of any concern significance. Without seting them into history, a concern is doomed to neglect.


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