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Narrative In Philadelphia Essay, Research PaperEver hear the narratives about turning up in Philadelphia, the interior metropolis? Well, thisInternational Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t one of them. Nakiea Tsolo grew up in the suburbs of Philadelphia. She was born onJuly 10, 1980 and lived there all of her unrecorded until this past August when she moved intoher residence hall at Slippery Rock. Although you might non be able to state from the manner sheexpressions and most people wouldn & # 8217 ; t believe me, Nakiea is really large into athleticss.

While in highschool she competed in everything she could suit into her agenda.Field hockey, association football, and path include some of the athleticss she played in duringhigh school and even earlier. Tennis, nevertheless is her favourite athletics to play. She startedwhen she was seven. She was recruited to play here at Slippery Rock but, with get downingcollege and all the work she decided that this wasn & # 8217 ; t the twelvemonth. Sports was a big portion ofher household life turning up. Her older brother, Tshaka besides played tennis and was rankedin the province. It had been a turning competition, since they both had played.

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Last twelvemonth her andher brother played a lucifer, to the surprise of most people Nakiea won. In high schoolshe besides ran track. Nervous for a path meet that afternoon, she forgot to eat. Feelingslightly ill, she showed up for the meet. The manager told her she was to run the two100 metres a in-between distance event, pleading with the manager to set personelse inNakiea knew she couldn & # 8217 ; T to it.

The manager paid no attending to her supplication and, made hertally in the race. Surprisingly plenty, she managed to win. After she walked directly intothe school cabinet room and a twosome friends followed her. Traveling to the H2O fountainfor a drink. She collapsed and while falling hit her caput on the H2O fountain. Nakieawas unconscious, the physicians said she was excessively dehydrate to be out in the heat running.Though it might of been a small embarrassing that didn & # 8217 ; t halt her from running the remainder ofthe twelvemonth.

Most people can merely play one athletics and be good at it but, someway Nakieamanaged to play more and be good at, at least two of them.Like I said athleticss were a big portion of Nakiea life but, when I asked of her greatestachievement it had nil to make with athleticss. She felt her greatest achievementso far is, larning about herself and larn to hold assurance in herself. Even with all theachievements in her athleticss calling, Nakiea likes to believe that larning about life ismore of import than any game or athletics she plays.

Though when asked about her greatestathleticss achievement she said it was being M.V.P. for her territory in tennis.

Although,she played a batch of athleticss, she ne’er played her favourite athletics Basketball. Turning up shewatched the Seventy-Sixer & # 8217 ; s and North Carolina State drama but, she ne’er got into thegame.


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