Story: and of Clay Are We Created Essay

This story gives a reflection on the role of the media because it demonstrates how news matter when a catastrophe occurs. Media is there to inform the public and increase their popularity but they are emotionally detached on what Azucena is going through. Allende makes media react in a particular way on how they should act with the people and be in guard on what to film, to please the public. The media only follows the company’s demands which is to bring more money for the company and that they shouldn’t take daily events emotionally.

Though there’s Rolf Carle, who is different toward Azucena and distracts her from her hurt and loss of hope. We can see that media from different companies want to reach the scene first and some fight their way to the edges of that morass (pg. 588) Reporters might be acting by their instinct and curiosity towards Azucena’s accident.

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They came very prepared for this scene and wanted to film every single detail that happened. It tells the reader that, we, humans tend to act the same way when death occurs and feel a mixed feeling of excitement.It is hard to explain how a very touchy subject of death can make us feel that way because since it rarely happens or occurs when we least expect, it give us an approach of this phenomena. Azucena kept waiting for her rescue, as well Rolf Carle.

“…more television and movie teams arrived with spools of cable, tapes, film, videos, precision lenses, and recorders. And all the while Rolf Carle kept pleading for a pump. ” (pg. 592). Many equipment was brought; it seemed it was more for the media than rather to help Azucena.

It was very sad too watch this happen with your own eyes, but probably things happen for a reason.If it was real life and your loved one was in danger, you would do anything to help them but since the reporters where in another world when it came to filming, they didn’t notice their suffering. It was a great despair when the pump is finally being brought, Azucena gives up on the night of the third day. “…beneath the unblinking focus of quartz lamps and the lens of hundred cameras, Azucena gave up…” (pg. 595) This last part, we noticed that Azucena is being surrounded by cameras and everything is being recorded of what is going on.It shows that this is something entertaining but in reality is something that should be taken in consideration for future events. The death of Azucena brought a great despair to Rolf, because he might had felt guilty because he didn’t try to help her but in reality he did, by talking to her and giving her strength.

Even though Rolf went through many experiences that made him detach emotionally from others feelings, he still was touched when he saw that girl being hurt and no one showing any care to help her.She was taken away many years of her life and also things she could have done in the future; this might have been the things that Rolf had been touched with. “And of Clay Are We Created” is a story that describes human behavior on media and how it affects emotions on certain people. It demonstrates how this job takes a lot of courage and strength in perceiving strong events, like Azucena being stuck in a mudslide. Though in some cases, we might get attached to them, which will affect our way of thinking (like it happened to Rolf Carle).

He only wanted the pump for Azucena, so she won’t be missing what life has for her, but sadly it didn’t happen in time and she died. Media might be the one blamed for not taking rapid steps on rescuing her; they just wanted to film what happened 24/7 and put it together for the public to watch it daily of what is going on. Allende wrote this story to reflect media on how it really happens and make humans realize the truth behind cameras. It probably occurred to the author since she was a journalist and by now writing the story it reveals the different reactions or feeling from the media and the one who is in danger.


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