Stone Cold Essay

A novel which deals with a serious social problem is “Stone Cold” written by Robert Swindells. The problem the novel is homelessness. The novel is about a boy called link who has a row with his mum’s boyfriend and run’s away from home. He goes to London to start a new life under the name of link. He starts with one hundred and fifty pounds then he rents a room for two weeks at a hundred pounds for a wee room in a block of flats then he goes out and tries to find a job but has no luck,.

He cannot get more money to pay the rent of his wee room so the land owner kicks him out he cannot Find a place to live so he has to live on the street.He then gets his watch stolen and threatened all on his first night of being homeless he then meets a person called ginger who he offers his last snickers to link gets taught how to survive on the street by ginger they become best of mates. There is this guy called shelter he is out to kill the homeless but at first it seams as though as he wants to help them we will go into this into much more depth later on. I am going to talk about the text; characters, narrative stance and language also show how the author makes us think about the problem.

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The narration of this novel is quite unusual it is told in first person mode which is not unusual but is narrated by to people. I am now going to talk about the characters starting with Link then going onto Shelter. I think link is a nice person as he gave ginger his last snickers bar the first time he meet him and he didn’t even know him. Link also shared his money with ginger.

Link is also resourceful this I know because he manages to get enough to eat link is smart as he has got 5 GCSEs. Link is also naive he gets his watch stolen and also tells people how much money he has got.


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