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Stereotypes Essay, Research Paper


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Stereotypes are things that everyone in this twenty-four hours in age has to cover with. Everywhere we look we find thoughts that one idea to be typical of a certain race, cultural group or age scopes. Pop-culture has its portion of stereotypes. From mass media to print Hagiographas stereotypes find a manner to rise up up and present themselves to all audiences.

The film Boy s Don T Cry is a word picture of the true narrative of a female, Tina Brandon, desiring to go a adult male, Brandon Tina. Although she doesn Ts make it to the surgery to physically go a adult male, she still takes on the function of what she thought was the stereotyped adult male. Traveling for a drive on the dorsum of a choice up truck was one of the things she did to guarantee her friends that she was a adult male. She besides felt that the stereotyped adult male drank beer all twenty-four hours and did drugs, so in bend she began to make the same. There were besides the sexual dealingss she had with females, which were portion of what she thought was being a adult male besides the fact that she confused about her sexual individuality.

Another illustration of stereotypes in popular civilization is seen in the movie Merchants of Cool. To do the large vaulting horses, companies try to aim and analyse the stereotyped adolescent. The adolescents they target are the 1s that ever go for the topographic point visible radiation, for what is voguish, and the teens that go for whatever is popular. These teens are a gold mine for retail merchants today. MTV spent some clip and money with a few childs in order to happen out precisely what it was that was popular, and what it was that they could do to acquire people to pass 1000000s of dollars on.

In the essay Give Her a Pattern by D. H. Lawrence, female stereotypes are highly criticized. His chief aim is that most if non all adult females endlessly try to accommodate themselves to what work forces think adult females should be or move like. He feels that adult females are afraid to be anything different so what work forces want them to be, possibly for the fright of rejection, or unappreciation. She besides points out that harlotry is the ageless secret ideal of work forces ( Lawrence, Pg. 213 ) . The adult females who dress and act slutty, and hang out on street corners are branded with this stereotype merely because that s what work forces want. Even if these skin screening females are merely minding their ain concern and are non looking to do some money, they are still stereotyped as cocottes. If you were to visualize a female standing out on the street in a mini skirt, and a shirt that exposed most of their tummy, you can conceive of the ideas of people both work forces and adult females that base on balls by.

The Stereotype by Germaine

Greer, trades with the thought that adult females should be dressed in the finest apparels, and have all the wealths they want. Greer gives the thought that the adult female is a show window for her mate. The adult male gets to purchase her things and do her more and more beautiful, so she goes out and shows it all off. Another stereotyped thought that is portrayed in this authorship is that work forces are the 1s to travel off to work all twenty-four hours while the adult female wonders the streets, and the finest shops, and hotels, with her hubbies money, buys whatever she wants and so has adequate clip to come place, recognize her mate from a difficult yearss work, and have dinner ready on the tabular array. In my sentiment this stereotype is more present in today s society than some people would wish to believe. Women would wish to believe that they are precisely equal to work forces, that they can make whatever a adult male can make, and merely like a adult male can travel to work everyday. This is true to some extent, there are things that adult females can non make that work forces can make, I think football is the lone athletics that adult females haven t tried to take over. Although adult females want to portray to all this thought that they are unstoppable, they have to come to recognize that its Oklahoma to be different than a adult male, and that they are non ever traveling to be the 1s doing differences.

Stereotypes Don T halt at the place, and with teens, they go all the manner to widely sponsored events such as the Miss U.S.A. Pageant. Studs Terkel has a authorship called Miss USA, this is a personal experience essay where the author had her clip in the topographic point visible radiation as Miss U.S.A. She didn t wholly regret the thought of going this beauty queen but regretted profoundly the thoughts that went along with it. She said that when people speak about beauty Queenss, there are certain images that the adult females are labeled with. One popular image for this state of affairs she refers to as T and a, breasts and buttocks ( Terkel, Pg. 332 ) . The stereotyped beauty queen is to hold a beautiful organic structure and beautiful characteristics. Endowment goes every bit far as a five minute rehearsed skit that is designed to do the contestant seem slightly intelligent. Then the stereotype narrative goes on as if the beauty queen has no say in anything. Paraded around to be shown off so to hold her topographic point taken by another beauty.

I don t think we will of all time populate in a universe without stereotypes. Peoples are merely to habituate to them. They use them for fiscal addition, to derive a position on, or to judge person they foremost run into, and unluckily to mock others to derive credence by those with the same positions. Though people may be against pigeonholing I am pretty certain that everyone someplace along the line has taken portion in this barbarous manner of thought.


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