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Step 1: Identify the core problem that net neutrality regulation is intended to solve, and the prior classification of BIAS before this reclassification order as an information service.The term Net neutrality means that the Internet is not biased to the traffic and does not discriminate between the content with respect to the source.  The internet service provider (ISP) should not throttle, block, prioritize the contents, prioritize the application-specific behavior and keep the transparency. To regulate Internet Service Providers (ISPs), the FCC made a law to consider the internet as a basic telecommunication service for the unbiased internet.

Zero-ratings plans have provided to the ISP’s to provide certain content free of cost.Promote competition and reduce regulation segregated the lightly regulated “information services” and more heavily regulated “telecommunications services”. Light touch regulation lifted the ban and required less reporting from the companies to restore the Internet freedom and improved the companies. In 2015, with Title II Order, FCC classified the broadband Internet Access services as the Telecommunication services. Included the mobile services as one network and reclassifying mobile broadband Internet access service as a commercial mobile service.Step 2: Define the policy objectives of net neutrality regulation as articulated in this decision.Step 3: Describe the role of technology in creating or driving the problem of net neutrality and the ability to clearly classify the service as a telecommunications or information service.

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With the improved technology, Internet Service Providers were able to prioritize the data based on the content. This improved the services provided by the ISP and the data based on speed, the reliability of transmission and extra features they offered in exchange for the subscription fee. In-short the users were forced to pay for the access of information and this created a problem in net neutrality.Broadband Internet Users were paying for the access to information with no knowledge of the location of the server where that information resides. In Telecommunication service, the transmission occurs between two points given by the user. But in BIAS, the data is modified using the DNS server or fetched from the cache to provide faster internet services or faster loading of the pages.

Sometimes the packets are also modified while the data is in transit. More-over Broadband internet access service offers features which provide access to the data over the internet as a part of service. BIAS doesn’t follow the rules mentioned for Telecommunication service, so it must be better classified as Information service.


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