Statement of Purpose Essay

‘Success is a journey, not the destination’. This is one of my favorite percepts and at this point in my life when I am about to complete my undergraduate program and my future is going to unfold in front of me like a maze, a dream; this maxim has never influenced my life more than this before. Let me introduce myself, I was completed my undergraduate program in Electronics and Communication Engineering in Sri Sarathi Institute of Engineering and Technology, which is under India’s first technological university Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.I am planning to pursue Higher Studies at graduate level for the accretion of my knowledge in a wider perspective. I did my schooling at Royal Public School, which is one of the renowned schools in the city and passed it out with good marks and finished my pre-university education at Satavahana College with good marks.

In my senior years at school I was arduously working towards a career in electronics. I got admission in Sri Sarathi Institute of Engineering and Technology, which is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Institution and affiliated to Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University.My penchant for Communication stemmed from my love for Computer Networks when I was in school. I opted for electronics & communication because it was the field I always had an ardor towards, also it was the branch of engineering, which changed the course of human life. So I decided that Networking would be my career and over the years this field blended beautifully with my adventurous and sedulous nature.

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I slowly and gradually moved towards the field of my passion and I pursued my undergraduate studies. During my undergraduate studies, I acquired a comprehensive knowledge of Electronics in all its complexity.I also learned sundry subjects such as Electronics Devices and Circuits, Switching Theory and Logic Design, Analog Communications, Digital Communications, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Image Processing, Microprocessors and Interfacing, Optical Communications, Satellite Communications, etc and their applications with verve. The highly dedicated and seasoned teaching staff of my college taught me the various concepts involved in the fields of my interest. All the time through my undergraduate program, giving some useful seminars assisted my aspirations, which were arranged by the institution.All the seminars and other presentations have developed my intrinsic skills and enhanced my subject as well as field knowledge in this resplendent branch of engineering. I have observed on various occasions that there exits a wide enough rift between learning & implementation at undergraduate level, to hugely distance an engineering student from the professional engineer that he is meant to be.

While the undergraduate courses enable a student to grasp the fundamentals involved in a particular discipline of engineering, they do not present an opportunity to learn the ropes of the technologies that are currently within the industry.Therefore while a bachelor’s degree provides a sound alternative to take a direct leap from schooling fundamentals to industry standards, it is still insufficient for an Engineer to make it out in the professional world. So, I opt for a graduate course. My ultimate goal is to establish myself in the field of my interest through contribution of novel ideas and translating those to end applications and products. In this regard, I want to contribute significantly to the overall development of the human society.

The journey ahead will be a hard hitting one and it may no doubt be arduous and demanding at times but then the thrill one gets when one discovers something new at the frontiers of human knowledge, however small it may be is unparallel. Also fabulous pedagogy, ready access to the state of art technology, stimulating research and academic environments and prospects of having close interaction with distinguished faculty have motivated me to take up an education in your university. I am sure that if given an opportunity in your university I will do my best.


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