Statement it is that enthusiasm that has

Statement of Purpose for Masters in Sociology of Educationby Alila Seyfulina Straight from my childhood years I have always been dedicated towards my studies.

Even during my school times onwards I developed a special flair towards sociology, especially sociology of education and it is that enthusiasm that has convinced me to take Education as the major in my undergraduate degree.  During my bachelor degree studies at Azerbaijan University of Languages I had been exposed to many subjects such as English language, English language teaching methodology, Cross-cultural teaching methods, Educational psychology, Information Technologies in teaching and so forth. All these subjects made me completely understand the facts that Education is the only tool that make society go forward and getting deep into Education one definitely needs to get acquainted largely with Sociology behind this.

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The most rewarding job that I can think of is being a teacher. And with the firm and strong background of Education, Sociology in Education, I am sure, I will acquire great impetus in implementing this profession with great success in future. My university entrance score being 613 out of 700 points, I got rewarded with scholarships at the university during my undergraduate study. Uppsala University has always been in central focus of my attention even during my university years here in Azerbaijan and my GPA being 93 out of 100, I wholeheartedly believe, will be big plus for my future study at your educational institution. As soon as I graduated from the university in Azerbaijan I started my career as a teacher at different private educational institutions and began lecturing English language at these educational centers. During my teaching period I completely understood the point that to be a good teacher does not just involve high level of knowledge in the related subject but skills and professional capacity in regards with pedagogy, education and most importantly sociology of education.

As I gained high scores at the university during my study period and knowledge of my English language is high, I got selected for Summer School Program in UK organized by the Ministry of Education of Azerbaijan Republic. I graduated from the school with Certificate of Achievement of EFSET (EF Standard English Test) level C1 and I firmly believe that all my experience, Bachelor degree Honorary Diploma, Certificate asserting my high level in English language will be great impetus in my admission to Uppsala University.    To me, an interesting shift in the Field of Education to Sociology of Education, if it can just be called shift, pursuing an advanced career in this field is not really a challenge but a very big opportunity, which will help me to fulfill my educational background to the fullest standards and attain highly skilled knowledge in my future career. I had some other options in a number of universities for master degree, but I decided to apply Uppsala University in order to advance my study and career in Sociology of Education because of its quality output, well-designed curriculum, which I heard from various online resources and professional opportunities, I think and do believe that it is the best choice for higher education.

It would be such a great opportunity to get admitted in an educational institution of such reputation and quality.   


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