–Statement Information Technology Engineering. I have since

–Statement of PurposeI have been a dreamer. Ever since I first sat on a computer and tried to understand its immense potential for being of service to human kind, I have felt a special affinity for the technology. After completing my schooling, I took up a bachelor’s program in Information Technology Engineering. I have since engrossed myself in the pursuit and am poised to complete the degree program. Though I started slowly, I am poised to graduate with first class in final two years of bachelor’s program. While I am proud of my final two-year record, I am equally proud of my work ethic that has gone in developing projects and research based seminars.Additionally, I have focused on a number of aspects in order to increase my knowledge within the topics. My focus areas have included programming languages, operating systems, databases and Cloud Services.

I have used all of these in order to attempt and complete an array of developmental projects. These have included work on developing an Online Cloud Storage System using Amazon Web Services. I have also worked and experimented using Java, C, C++, HTML, CSS and others. Each and every project used innovative techniques and methodology in order to achieve the desired results.In order to gain professional exposure, I have undergone six months of intensive internship at SoftVan, working on AWS Services, Advance Java, Core Java and HTML. The experience of working with professionals was heady and motivated me to seek higher education leading to master’s degree. I also understood the role of management and administration within IT industry.

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While at college, I have tried to cover a wide variety of subjects through my academics, I am particularly fond of System Oriented Architecture and Object-Oriented Programming. They form a cornerstone for my future and I have researched them from books, Internet, library and manuals. I am aware that in order to be a success and achieve goals that I have set for myself I will require expertise in such diverse areas such as Cloud System and Programming Language which would include expertise in technical applications and management systems, global aspects of software management and the ability to manage various functions of research and developmental project. I will need to develop an innovation seeking mindset.I have carefully chosen the University to achieve these and other career objectives. I am aware that the faculty and course work is excellent and the post-graduate program leading to a masters’ degree focuses on a wide range of topics.

On completing the program at the University, I look to be an expert on latest procedures being followed for research and development within computer science. The experienced professors and the overall program is just the right formula for me.Having achieved all that there is to fathom, I now look forward to higher learning at the University. I hope to be given the opportunity to do so by the esteemed admissions committee.


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