Statement in working for a care home,

Statement unique structure of human body with its complexity has always left me curious and wandering. My father’s health deteriorated by cancer has further influenced me to understand this structure and problems associated with it.

 Given thissituation hugely affects both the patient and its families, working for remedies and cure to illness has often been my prime motive of life.I have experienced in person how crucial a doctor’s job is where unlike just performing examinations, prescribing drugs and performing surgeries, it includes a delivery of empathy and kindness to provide effective care and treatment. Given my experience in working for a care home, I had an opportunity to closely work with elderly people I was able to be familiar with needs and challenges associated with healthcare. I have participated many competitions where I have achieved a third place in college-level innovation competition and also have been actively participating in different health camps as a volunteer. My academic scores also have been satisfactory throughout my career and often have been regarded as a bright student.Given my immense interest in the field and a sound academic background pursuing an Undergraduate Honours Degree in the Healthcare Management in your university is surely a colossal opportunity I would never want to miss. It is a well-recognizedfact that the university has its well-established reputation for creating exceptional medical personnel. In addition to that my own personal research of the faculty member has well assured me about the quality of learning the university offers and it best suits my needs.

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Finally, I have a huge level of confidence within me that I will be able to fully tackle with different intellectual, moral and physical challenges associated with the profession and be able to create myself as an energetic and motivate personnel in thisfield. With all profound expectations and desires, I am herepresenting my interest to be enrolled in your reputed institution to pursue my aim and objective to be established as successfulmedical personnel.      


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