State program. From what I have seen

State of InterestAs a student of King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, I am grateful to have the opportunity to apply for the University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute program.

From what I have seen on the homepage, the program has a strong academic and state of the art treatment facilities. Being part of the program would provide excellent well-rounded training in oncology. My interest in Oncology as a career choice stems from my exposure during my undergraduate degree. As part of MBBS at KSAU-HS, I completed one 8-week course in Oncology Basic Science and two 4-week rotations in internal medicine. I have also rotated electively for a month in Oncology. During this month, I had the chance to work with members of the department, gaining a varied exposure to the treatment of GI, breast and lung cancers.

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By doing inpatient rounds, taking history, performing physical examinations, and seeing patients in clinics as well as initial treatment plan set-ups, I have gained abundant insight into the procedures for hospital-based care system. My sense of the importance of teamwork has also been enhanced through my attendance at the multi-disciplinary tumor boards meetings. Through my academic and research experiences, I have developed a strong interest to Oncology, I see this particular area of medicine as opportunity to combine my background in medicine and research, it is a specialty with significant research potential and opportunity, a unique patient population, who is rewarding to work with and play an active role in their treatment, the specialty combines an elegant problem solving and decision making when planning therapy with patient interaction in the out-patient clinic setting.  My experiences, from my volunteer, to my research programs that are ongoing today, have all served to strengthen my passion, enthusiasm and commitment to pursue Oncology to the very best of my ability. scientific research and possess an in-depth knowledge of medicine. I was one of the lucky students to work with Dr. Jazieh for the university’s research class.

Thanks to him, I have discovered the importance of research, developed strong research and problem-solving skills. Without a comprehensive program of research and development, further major success in practical treatment will remain unattainable. Ultimately, the life of a patient relies on the latter. However, I see both aspects of medicine as crucial to each other and being a part of this process is a huge motivation for me personally.I have successfully finished six years of medical school (two preparatory years and four medical years) with GPA 4.

67/5, and currently halfway into the last year. I have been awarded the academic excellence awards annually, and have attended a number of workshops, organized a few conferences and participated in health awareness campaigns. Also, I am a coauthor in an article accepted for publication in Journal of Global Oncology. I am a hardworking, intelligent and an energetic individual, with the ability to take the initiative with new projects and to work constructively with others. These experiences have afforded me the opportunity to develop excellent interpersonal and communication skills. The University of Cincinnati Cancer Institute program would provide me a glimpse of the American healthcare system, medical education and doctor patient relationships.

And as in the near future I would like to pursue a residency in north America, this experience would enhance my chances of getting acceptance and that would enhance my career. 


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