State Highway Essay Research Paper State Highway

State Highway Essay, Research PaperState Highway Andy MorganIt was a vesiculation hot July afternoon, with all the Windowss up and the air conditioning on upper limit, the immature male child questioned once more why he was traveling to take college degree classs when he had merely late finished his junior twelvemonth in high school. He felt like it was a million grades inside the ruddy minivan. As he traveled in a South way entirely Arkansas State Highway 55, with the rhythmic Beta vulgaris of the tyres on the route, he felt as idea he could experience each bump to its fullest, they were similar moving ridges on an ocean and symbolized everything he had over come and accomplished to do this journey. He non merely over came his ain ego uncertainties about whether he can do it, but many who believed that he could non be successful in an environment with so many distractions.

As he sat in the dorsum of the minivan fears over the hereafter began to come up in his caput. & # 8220 ; Will I make friends? & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; Will I be comfy so many stat mis off from place? & # 8221 ; As these ideas raced through his head he felt entirely and a cold tremble was sent through his organic structure. He was no afraid and cold in the hot summer air. He knew consciously and logically that he was non entirely. For his female parent and grandma sat following to him in the minivan and would make whatever they could to assist him. But yet he realized something had changed.

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They were there but would some be gone and that he must pull strength, assurance, and a sense of security from within himself and non trust on the people around him to carry through these feelings because they could non supply this for him. He must venture into the unknown, entirely and could merely have a limited type of security and support from place. Regardless of which manner the journey took him he could ever number on them being at that place in instance he fell or got lost during his month off.

As the ruddy minivan crossed the province line go throughing from Arkansas into the mighty sate of Mississippi. The first image he saw was an eight pes by 12 pes flag of the province. He knew so small about their imposts, beliefs and rites. It was as if he were come ining into a foreign state. As they drove up the chief entryway he could see through the trees in the & # 8220 ; Grove & # 8221 ; the bright afternoon Suns reflecting off the columns of the “Ole Miss” Lyceum.

As his household helped him drop what seemed to non be adequate ownerships he checked into the residence halls. As he opened the door he saw a clean white room that he could non conceive of being used as anything but a prison cell. As the minivan pulled away the immature male child felt assorted emotion, for he was genuinely on his ain for a month.His first dark on campus would be anything but lonely and tiring. As he got dressed to acquire a baseball game that the school had organized to give the summer pupils a opportunity to run into each other. He felt as though he was entirely and there was no 1 on the full campus that new who he was or what he was approximately. He sat down and this cat came up and introduced himself as Scott and asked him where he was from and what he liked to make. The conversation was filled with & # 8220 ; y all s & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; fixin & # 8221 ; .

As the conversation wrapped up Scott asked me if I wanted to travel to a party after the baseball game, the immature male child accepted. As the game ended the immature male child ran into Scott with a group of high school childs. The group went with Scott and ended up at a fraternity house. As the group walked in each individual was introduced to other cats. The beer was fluxing and many of the high school childs were rather intoxicated as the new group arrived.

It was the immature male childs first brush with serious imbibing and the equal force per unit area felt from older fraternity cats.As the first twenty-four hours of summer cantonment categories rolled around the immature male child felt more and more confident that this would be the topographic point for him in another twelvemonth. He went to category and listened to the professor tell the category about what to anticipate and it all sounded rather complicated but he felt as though he were able to suppress anything. He fell into a everyday and did non understand why everyone told him college was so difficult.

Then toward the terminal of the first hebdomad a trial rolled about. He was non scared in the least spot. However he was easy deflated as he sat in a History test and looked at a page non cognizing anything. After 90 proceedingss of realisation, the professor looked at the immature male child who had grown so much since the ruddy minivan had dropped him off, and said with a distinguishable southern speech pattern & # 8220 ; good boy, welcome to college classs


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