Starting Our Own Business or Being Employed Essay

Everyone has to work. Working is not only for earning a living but also for making one feel happy and proud of what he can achieve in his life. Some people choose to be loyal employees in a company; others love to start their own business. Either choice has its own strengths that suit a specific person with a specific personality. To me, starting your own business is far better than being employed in terms of self-determination and job meaningfulness. First of all, running your own business offers you the sense of self-determination.In other words, you are your own boss when you are a business owner.

Thus, you can make all decisions and ultimately control your own destiny. Suppose that you are working under a tough and stubborn supervisor, then, you could be extremely annoyed at having to keep following his rules or commands in order to avoid confrontations with such an irritating person . Hence, starting your own business is an alternative to free yourself from being controlled. This means you are no longer supervised or have to report to anyone. Besides, being an entrepreneur enables you to choose the people you work with.Obviously, it is you that determine who to hire or fire since you are the boss. On the other hand, if you work for a company, you can hardly select your desirable co-workers. Also, having your own business will allow you to get things done faster because you play a completely active role in your work, which means you can push your employees to finish their tasks quickly rather than waiting for a long procedure with complicated paperwork to get approval from your managers when working for a company, especially for a big corporation.

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Moreover, being a business owner brings you a sense of time self-directedness that refers to the flexible hours in your work which will, in turn, help you have a work-life balance. Imagine that you are working for a company with a fixed working schedule, so how can you feel free to go to work late or to ask for a day off to solve a personal problem arising? At least, you have to call in sick or invent an excuse to ask for permission, particularly when your limited annual leave is expired.By contrast, if you are a business owner, you can freely go to work a little late in the morning or have a day off without asking any permission and catch up on your outstanding work afterwards. Such flexible schedule will let you choose the working hours that best suit you, and as a result, you can maximize your productivity. Another advantage of starting your own business relating to self-determination is the chance to develop your creativity. As you know, being an employee means that you have to work at other people’s request regardless of the task entrusted.Even if you has a highly creative job as a designer, you have to at least partially work by order of your manager. Yet, when you are an entrepreneur, you can utilize your creativity without being afraid of any prevention or restriction as well as can put your ideas into practice with all resources allocated in your hands.

In brief, having your own business helps you feel a full sense of freedom as you yourself can manage your work, your time, and your life. Furthermore, when it comes to job meaningfulness, being a business owner can outdo being an employee.First, when you are an entrepreneur, you can follow your passion which could be your aim in life. And, it is really significant to take your passion into your life, or specifically, to make a lot of money from your passion. Then, hard work does not feel like work any more because it is now the way to make your dream come true. Second, being a business owner enables you to challenge yourself from every aspect of a business instead of doing monotonous daily tasks.

Thus, you can get the skill variety.And last but not least, the reward and recognition of being an entrepreneur exceed those of being an employee. If you perform very well at a company, you will only receive an extra bonus or some incentive. However, you will get far more when you run a successful business. What you can reap from your hard work is not only a large profit in the form of cash but also work significance which can be defined as the substantial impacts on your community such as the great value of the products or services you are providing or the number of jobs you are creating for the community.

Therefore, you will obviously feel the sense of pride you establish in building something of your own and in giving it back to your community. If it were not for starting up their own business, how would Soichiro Honda, Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs, etc…

be as great as they are? In short, from my perspective, if you want to be a rich and great man, you may try to work hard for a company, get promotion and become a senior executive, but if you really want to be a richer than a rich man and a greater than a great man, just start your own business.In conclusion, I believe starting your own business is a lot more beneficial than just being an employee regarding self-determination and job meaningfulness. Some people can argue that everything has its pros and cons, and consequently, starting up a business has its own challenges involving soaring cost, high risk, or possible failures. However, from the above analysis, I bet that having your own business still a better choice provided that you can assess and study things carefully when starting it up.


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