Starting disciplinary sanctions,” says Ashald policy. How

Starting university or college is a big step for student. Some students move out from their parents and also some move countries. When starting the first week of university and college a lot of students attend frosh week. It’s the beginning of academic year, a week of orientation, events getting to meet your new friend and profesters.Students are all almost 18-19 year of age when they start their second step to their future after highschool of course. Most student like drinking when they are having fun especially in the first week of university and college (frosh week).

No university or college in canada where alcohol beverages is prohibited. Most U.S campuses prohibit alcohol, in and off university or college events.

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Students should not start drinking, their still young they have a long way to go. It’s also killing the students young brain cells and causing, students to miss classes. Universities should protest about their policies, something like “the universities prohibits any activities which promote illegal and irresponsible use of alcohol.”  Taxpayers money is being misused to pay for alcohol consumption by students and staff. Having a dry events, no bars in campuses will save hard earned taxpayer. It’s the universities and colleges academic leaders responsibility to prevent the misuse of alcohol.Another good policy example, in U.S university Ohio Ashland makes it clear that professors and staff are not exempt:” Consumption, possession, sale and distribution of alcohol by students, faculty, and staff is prohibited on universities property.

Violators are subject to a range of disciplinary sanctions,” says Ashald policy. How wise! (MOhamed Elmasry globe and mail)Why shouldn’t our universities do the same policy. Beer companies knows how to attract people by offering free pizza and snakes to go with the drinks. That’s how people stay loyal to them .Canadian administrator of university says that prohibiting any illegal, irresponsible misuse of alcohol is understood. But reality is different.

Student fees and taxpayers money in going to beer companies pockets. It’s time to set new rules and policy to ban alcoholic beverages on campus and off campus events. It’s all to benefit the students.


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