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Star Wars Essay, Research PaperOneof the most memorable minutes for many pupils will happen when they see“ Star Wars: The Phantom Menace, ” the first portion of a prequel trilogyto the beloved Star Wars trilogy. The original three movies Star Wars: A NewHope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi have embedded themselvesin our current civilization. The Force, composer John William & # 8217 ; s celebrated soundtrack,and lines such as “ Luke, I am your male parent ” ( which is ne’er said in anyof the films ) have become common in present twenty-four hours civilization. But, the Star Warstrilogy besides contains a deeper subject that is non alone to the current clipperiod. In George Lucas & # 8217 ; s Star Wars Trilogy every bit good in Joseph Conrad & # 8217 ; s Heart ofDarkness, the contrast between good and evil is conveyed through the optical,symbolic differences of black and white.

The planet Hoth from The Empire StrikesBack and the Congo in Heart of Darkness are really symbolically similar. The RebelAlliance has a base on the ice planet of Hoth. The Rebel Alliance bases forgood as do the snow and ice that cover Hoth ; hence, a society of good stationedon a good planet. But, the Galactic Empire, or pure immorality, shortly onslaughts andovertakes Hoth. This state of affairs on Hoth is similar to the white assimilationisttechniques used in the dark, African Congo.

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The white adult male, “ immorality ” ,efforts to absorb the Congo, or goodness. Therefore, both Hoth and the Congo andtheir assimilations, nevertheless successful, epitomize the conquerings of immorality over good.The vesture of Luke Skywalker across the whole Star Wars Trilogy and of Marlowacross his trek into the jungle symbolize adult male & # 8217 ; s journey of self-fulfillment. Inthe really beginning of Star Wars, Luke wears a robe of white.

For practicalpurposes the robe should be white because so it will reflect the most sunlightoff on the planet of Tatooine ; but the white colour of the robe besides stands forLuke & # 8217 ; s pure goodness at that point in clip. But as clip progresses, viz. inthe latter part of The Empire Strikes Back and The Return of the Jedi, LukeBegins to have on the attire of a Jedi-a black adventitia and duplicate bloomerss. These darkoutfits symbolize the fact that Luke contains an component of immorality within him thathe can ne’er destruct, viz. that he is the boy of Anakin Skywalker-the adult male whowould go Darth Vader. In Heart of Darkness, one time Marlow realizes that he wasproduced by an evil white society he throws away his dark, blood stained shoe.Projecting off this dark article of vesture symbolizes Marlow & # 8217 ; s rejection of immoralitysociety. A alteration in the personalities of these two characters can be seenthrough the alteration in their vesture The characters of Darth Vader and Kurtzboth symbolicallystand for the concealed good or immorality in a individual that ischiefly evil or good.

Darth Vader is evil. No uncertainty can be had that this istrue ; non merely does he have on an black, mechanical suit which looks menacing, buthe besides has no scruple about killing other people, even his ain household. However,a scintilla of decency does stay within Darth Vader as is seen in The Return ofthe Jedi. As Emperor Palpatine is destructing Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader onslaughtsthe emperor in order to salvage his boy.

Once the emperor, Darth Vader tells Luketo take off his black mask to uncover a pure, white face although this means hiscertain decease. At this point, Darth Vader has reverted back into AnakinSkywalker and has revealed to his boy that he truly had good interior of himbefore he died. In Heart of Darkness, Kurtz is similar to Darth Vader.

Kurtz & # 8217 ; slife has turned to evil. He exploits a group of people, similar to what theEmpire does to its dwellers. Not until the really terminal, when Marlow and theaudience meet Kurtz and his ghostly white face Department of Energy Kurtz repent shouting out,“ The horror! The horror! “ ( p.123 ) These two work forces who had lived similarlives of naivet? , correspondingly end their lives with efforts to deliverthemselves by recognizing the foolishness of their former ways and do concluding, lameattempts at atoning. The people around them besides realize that both have pureness,nevertheless minute, within their psyches. Two plants of art separated non merely by thetransition of clip, but besides by the changing of society, use the contrast of black,no colour, and white, all colourss.

These colourss which can typify good and evilwithin the same work of art represent the battle between the good and evilparts of adult male & # 8217 ; s psyche. Hoth and the Congo are symbols of the onslaught that immoralitytakes against the psyche of adult male and that it may win in the instance of Darth Vader orKurtz. Luke Skywalker and Marlow represent non merely the repel of such an onslaughtmade by evil, but besides the agencies by which Darth Vader and Kurtz may deliverthemselves. By and large, art can be viewed two ways-objectively or subjectively.Literature is read most times subjectively, so analyzed objectively for adesire to happen a deeper message in this piece of art. Movies, nevertheless, arewatched and produced for a subjective audience. The bulk of the people inaudiences do non take the clip out to analyse the film ; they get their quickemotional hole and do non try to happen within it a deeper significance.

Even StarWars, one of the most popular movies of all clip, contains elusive subjects whichprobabilistically the bulk of grownup viewing audiences do non of all time recognize. If allpeople merely did recognize the messages hidden in some of their favourite films,the universe would be a much better topographic point.


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