Stages of Group Development Essay

Explain the stages of group development. Forming In the first stages of team building, the forming of the team takes place. The individual’s behavior is driven by a desire to be accepted by the others, and avoid controversy or conflict. The team meets and learns about the opportunities and challenges, and then agrees on goals and begins to tackle the tasks.

The forming stage of any team is important because, in this stage, the members of the team get to know one another, exchange some personal information, and make new friends.Storming Every group will next enter the storming stage in which different ideas compete for consideration. The team addresses issues such as what problems they are really supposed to solve, how they will function independently and together and what leadership model they will accept. The storming stage is necessary to the growth of the team. It can be contentious, unpleasant and even painful to members of the team who are averse to conflict. Norming The team manages to have one goal and come to a mutual plan for the team at this stage.

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Some may have to give up their own ideas and agree with others in order to make the team function. Here, all of team members take the responsibility and have the ambition to work for the success of the team’s goals. Performing Teams are function as a unit as they find ways to get the job done smoothly and effectively without inappropriate conflict or the need for external supervision. By this time, they are motivated and knowledgeable.

The team members are now competent, autonomous and able to handle the decision-making process without supervision.Discuss the concepts that define group structure. When a group comes together for the first time and begins to interact, various differences between the members begin to appear: differences in status, influence, role, ability, and so on.

The pattern of relationships that is thus established is known as the group structure. The pattern will, of course, change according to the nature of the task or the stage of discussion. A visible structure exists when the group agrees a division of labour, roles, and responsibilities, in order to get essential tasks performed.You could for instance distribute a set of roles to the group: initiating, giving and asking for information, evaluating and diagnosing, standard setting, sponsoring and encouraging etc. Such a method, though it is valued by some students, may be too socially demanding Discuss the barriers to effective communication. Some barriers to effective communication and teamwork at the team level include: • Lack of a clearly stated, shared and measurable purpose. • Lack of training in interdisciplinary collaboration. • Role and leadership ambiguity.

• Team too large.Explain ways to overcome barriers to effective communication. To overcome the communication barriers, the purpose of the project or task have to clearly stated and talked through. If conveyed thoroughly, the task could be carried out smoothly. Also, to overcome communication barriers like lack of training in disciplinary collaboration, members of the team have to have a serious mind-set and have to be serious in completing the project. If they have a good mindset, they are better able to communicate with the other members and complete the task successfully.

The barrier of communication of ambiguity can be avoided by using simpler words. Clear words should be emphasized. Use of ambiguous and jargons should be avoided so that good teamwork can go smoothly and task would be done effectively. If the team is too big or small, communication barrier could occur. To overcome this, members have to listen attentively and carefully. they have to hear with proper understanding so good teamwork can be achieved.

What are the factors affecting decision making? Past decisions and their consequences Many people learn from their past actions.If made decisions in the past that turned out to be wrong and they paid for it, then you might make different decisions in the future. It does not have to be the decision that one made. For instance, if you see other people make bad decisions, you would also learn from their mistakes.

Your personality This might actually play the most important part in decision making. Your personality is going to shape the choices you make and the process by which you make them. Some people are very impulsive decision makers. They may decide what they want right away and go for it.Others take their time and weigh every possible pro and con in order to ascertain the very best decision for them.

There is no one right or wrong way because some people make the best decisions for themselves with their own method. Society Different cultures actually consider decisions in different ways. Some have a longer thought-out process whereas others are known more for on the spur decision making. One might follow along with the way their society does it. Also, they may be influenced by other people in their lives such as their friends.


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