St Paul Essay Research Paper 1 25


Paul Essay, Research Paper1. ( 25 Points ) Discuss Paul? s background, transition and some of his views/teachings that may hold made him different than the Apostles in Jerusalem.The Apostle Paul? s background is really rather interesting. Paul was born the boy of a Pharisee, who believed strongly in the Resurrection.

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Paul, like his male parent, besides grew up to be a Pharisee. Paul believed really strongly in the Law of God and the importance of obeying the Law of God, as did most of the Pharisees. Paul was a descendant from the Tribe of Benjamin and was besides a citizen of Rome.

Paul? s life was really to a great extent influenced by the Grecian civilization. Paul besides had sister and a nephew, who were Christians and became followings of Paul. Paul made his life by doing collapsible shelters, as he was extremely educated in this field. Paul studied faith under the Pharisee instructor, Gamaliel, and Gamaliel? s ideas and his cognition helped to organize the ideas of Paul. There is besides a possibility that Paul was a member of the Sanhedrin because he makes it clear in Acts that he is a? Pharisee of Pharisees? or in other words, a leader of the Jews. This thought, nevertheless, brings about another enigma concerning Paul, which is whether or non he was of all time married. In order to be a member of the Sanhedrin, a adult male had to hold a married woman, but Paul ne’er one time references of all time holding a married woman and as a affair of fact he ever comes across as being wholly against matrimony. So the inquiry arises, was Paul married at some point in his life?Paul was a tormentor of the early church and it is possible that he was even present at the crucifixion of Jesus.

Paul was besides present during the lapidation of Stephen and was wholly against all whom claimed to be Christians. Because of this Paul subsequently felt that he had sinned more than any one of all time could. It was non until at least two to four old ages after the Resurrection of Christ the Paul converted to Christianity.Paul? s transition started as he was walking down the route to Damascus. As Paul was walking, he saw a visible radiation from Eden and heard a voice say, ? Saul, Saul, why do you oppress me? ? Paul so responds instantly turn toing the voice as the Lord? s, by stating? Who are you, Lord? ? The Lord so tells Paul that he is Jesus the 1 that Paul persecutes.

Paul is so blinded and led to Damascus by his followings. After three yearss had passed, a adherent named Ananias went into Damascus to see with Paul. Ananias was really afraid because he had heard of how Paul had persecuted the church but the Lord commanded Ananias to travel, so he obeyed. When Ananias saw Paul, he placed his custodies on him and spoke to him and when he did graduated tables fell from Paul? s eyes and his sight was restored. He was instantly baptized and began prophesying about Jesus Christ.

Unlike some of the other Apostles, Paul did non recite the narratives and miracles of Jesus, but alternatively Paul centered his Gospel on the decease, burial and Resurrection of Christ. Paul besides went on many missional journeys seeking to evangelise the people of Corinth, Eastern Turkey, Greece and even Spain. He developed many churches on his journeys.

Sadly Paul died sometime about 60 to 63 AD.


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