Sports Management Application Essay

Sports Management Application Essay          The graduate program in sports management probably receives numerous essays; many may even blend together.

However, mine will stand out because of a life experience that sets me apart from the other applicants: I have been tested by fire. Literally. Yet the ordeal of receiving third degree burns on both hands and the arduous recovery process have only served to make me stronger and more focused about what I want for my life.         These severe burns occurred during firefighting, a career I began while still in college. Although it was difficult to juggle holding down a full time job while attending classes, I was determined to finish what I started.  Also, I wanted to have a professional occupation, so I persevered at multitasking until I received a B.

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A. in economics.      Becoming a firefighter involved a rigorous battery of physical,  written,  and oral tests. Out of three hundred applicants, I received one of the highest scores, thus allowing me to be hired on my first attempt. Many others have tried numerous times before getting to that level.       My firefighting career lasted 5 and ½ years. However, because my skin is now so sensitive, my surgeon ruled out any return to firefighting.

I had always expected to retire early and choose a job in another profession, but  it was really early retirement: I’m only 27!     As I recovered from my injuries, I had a lot of time to ponder what I really wanted. Of course, my immediate goal was to return to health. I did extensive occupational and at home therapy.

Because of my determination and diligence in these areas, I  now have additional mobility in my hands.    Searching for a new  career, I thought about my past and what I liked for clues to help me decide what field to pursue. I had a happy childhood, growing up in Norwalk, Ct. with my only sibling who is also my twin brother. Although our father wasn’t present, we did have a large extended family consisting of my mother , who was a secretary, my grandfather, great grandmother, blind from macular degeneration, and her daughter, my great aunt who has cerebral palsy and is severely retarded. My brother and I spent lots of time playing baseball in our large backyard. After a while my mother remarried, and we moved from an active household to a small apartment when I was thirteen. When my brother was sixteen, he was hit by a car and received a traumatic brain injury, but overcame it and graduated from college with a 3.

8. At 78 my aunt is still alive, now living in a convalescent home. I visit her once a week, bringing lunch and when it is nice, taking her out. I now live in Fairfield by myself.    I shone in golf, a sport I picked up relatively late, starting the summer between my freshman and sophomore years in high school. I also caddied at a local country club.

Growing up in an affluent community, there was quite a competitive interest in golf, so it was quite a feat for me to make the jv golf team. However, that wasn’t good enough for me. So I spent five days a week, in the blazing hot sun, playing 18 rounds of golf,  to bring my game up to the level where I got on the varsity team, became the number two player, then captain of the team! The highlights from this time included being a medalist, the lowest scoring player. This accomplishment allowed our team to defeat a rival that we hadn’t beaten in 20 years! Also, I went on a sort of all star tour, where the two best players played teams all over  Connecticut.    Because I have such a deep love for sports, it was a natural transition to desire to work in a related field.

The sports management program will further my goals by allowing me to have a career in an area which I am passionate about, and will expand the number of jobs for which I can qualify. The possibilities are endless: I could work on the university or professional team level, in management, as an event organizer or as a promoter. Additionally, my background qualifies me for the field as so many of the skills I already have are transferable. With  a solid professional foundation, I know how to perform at my peak, am a team player, and have results oriented goals. Although sports management is a business, it is also a game.

Everyone must be on the same page to allow for growth and teamwork and to produce that much needed winning edge.    I want to work in this field because I find it exciting and I want to be part of a dynamic atmosphere where something is always going on. I have given serious consideration to my next career move, and very much  want to enroll in the sports management program. I hope it will be at your university. 


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