Sports Activities Can Help in Building a Peaceful Nation Essay

History remains witness to the fact that sports activities are extremely helpful in bringing nations together. The best example of this are the Olympic Games, which have proved to be a catalyst in solving many of the world’s political problems. Many studies conducted by UNOSDP and the Peace Players International Programme support the topic of this essay.

Pakistan itself is an extremely sports-oriented nation when it comes to cricket.One will observe that nationalism in Pakistani’s increases more on the day when there is a cricket match between India and Pakistan, than on Pakistan’s Independence Day! There are many benefits in forwarding the cause of athletics in Pakistan. Firstly, the youth of the country will be engaged in performing a productive task, instead of falling prey to the malicious clutches of terrorism.Secondly, once athletes of other nations take part in sports competitions in Pakistan, diplomatic ties between Pakistan and other countries will strengthen; for example, the cricket match between the International World 11 and the Pakistan All Stars 11. Also, when a group of people come together to pursue the same goals and take part in a constructive task, they tend to forget about age, gender, racial and religious divisions, and blend in with each other.

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Games like snooker, hockey, squash, tennis, etc are attracting the youth of Pakistan increasingly, thus educating them in their own unique way, about the qualities of sportsmanship and self-discipline. When people from other nations sit together and watch a match between their respective teams, they also learn to respect and applaud the talent emerging from other nations. Thus, these points prove the fact that sports are an excellent tool in building peace, not only within Pakistan, but also internationally between Pakistan and other countries.


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