Sporting Goods Essay

What promotional activities might Prince use to reach the following segments: (a) recreational players and (b) junior players? The first thing that Prince needs to do is find different ways to appeal to both generation gaps in the tennis industry. It is important to keep all the Baby Boomer customers and still grasp the attention of the younger generation.

In efforts to get the attention of the junior players, Prince utilizes social media sites like face book and twitter as one way of promoting to junior players.The use of Prince teaching Pro Program is excellent for targeting recreational players! Prince’s website directly reaches tennis players of all ages giving them information on products, tennis tips, and the latest news from the industry. Prince teaching pro program can be used to target the junior players more because it gives demo rackets, equipment information, and the latest product information better assisting them with developing their skills and understanding which equipment could better their skills and help them become more experienced tennis players.

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In efforts to attract the attention of both junior and recreational players, Prince holds local “Prince Demo Events”. This event allows potential customers an opportunity to experience hands on different prince rackets, grips, and strings. What might Prince do to help it gain distribution and sales in (a) mass merchandisers like Target and Wal-Mart and (b) specialty tennis shops?To gain distribution and sales in large chains, Prince uses co-op advertising for in-store circulars, point of purchase displays, and consumer brochures assisting the retailers set up of Prince Products in their sports (tennis) section of the stores. For small specialty tennis shops, Prince issues a supply of demo rackets, detailed catalogs, equipment fixtures, string and racket guides, racket hooks, and tennis shelves. He also issues “player standees”, which are large life size cut outs of professional tennis players to these small specialty shops.


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