Sport in Education Essay

Nowadays, people are increasingly aware of the importance of physical and psychological health.

Even academic institutions and workplaces appear to have several activities supporting physical health including Sport Day. Sport is viewed as a tool to develop well-being of children and society. Obviously, sport provides several benefits for children. The benefits are not only physical benefits but also academic and social skills. Unsurprisingly, sports improve skills in children. First, playing sports can develop children’s physical health.

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Children who join in any type of sport can gain exercise and have more positive and stronger body image than their peers. According to a report from the United Nations Inter-Agency Task Force on Sport for Development and Peace, teenagers can gain an opportunity to develop their bones, heart and lung function, and improve motor skills and coordination. When children join in a sport, it means that they have to put their energy to good use.

This can make their bones and muscles stronger. Some sports such as basketball can raise the possibility of increasing height of children because children are required to jump and stretch their body.Other sports like football help to help strengthen the arms and legs. Overall, sports offer fitness and exercise, which enhance teenager’s physical health. Second, participating in sports develop mind, morality and mental health. As mentioned earlier, sports do not offer children only physical benefits but also psychological benefits. The University of Illinois Department of Disability and Development reported that sportsmanship qualities learned through sports can help to produce mentally healthy people.

Sports support children to improve concentration, planning and analytical skills.For example, sports such as, tennis and badminton help to improve concentration and focus. Besides, sports can enhance children’s confidence as well. Children who participate in sports can have leadership and team skills. Playing team sports stimulate team spirit in children.

Overall, sports can improve mental health. Third, another benefit of playing sports is that sports can relieve stress. According to MayoClinic. com, health-care professionals recommended that physical activity as a key ingredient to any stress management.When children play sports, this means that they have a chance to spend their funny time with their friends. This can reduce stress. It can be said that sports can help children learn how to control anger. Playing sports is alternative way to put energy into the game or take anger out on the game, instead of fighting or quarrelling.

Sports can teach children to know both sides of life, win and lose or successes and failures. Thus, playing sports is a tool to alleviate stress. In contrast, playing sports can lead children to skip the class.Some children may tell their parents that they have to play sport with their friends, instead, they may go to department stores or game centers. Some children tend to play sports but ignore learning in the class, leading poor academic performance. Besides, participating sports can lead to injury. Over 3.

5 million children younger than 14 are injured playing sports each year (National Center for Sports Safety,2008). Children may obsess with winning in the game. In conclusion, sports offer children a lot of benefits.

Playing any type of sports provides both physical and psychological advantages. Sports offer fitness and exercise, leading to develop children’s physical health. Playing sports are alternative way to increase agility. Sport player has better body shape. Those who play sports frequently can burn calories. Moreover, sports help to develop mind, morality and mental health.

Sports can enhance confidence for children when they can touch the feeling of winning. More importantly, sports can reduce stress in children.


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