SpongeBob american cartoonist, animator and former marine

SpongeBob Squarepants created by Stephen Hillenburg an american cartoonist, animator and former marine biologist, Hillenburg was born on August 21, 1961 Lawton Oklahoma and raised in Anaheim California.When films by French ocean photographer Jacques Cousteau made a strong impression on him. “Provided a view into that world “, “Which he had not known existed”. Stephens interest in art was developed at young age creating his first illustration “A bunch of army men kissing and fighting” which brought him glorious admiration for his artwork. Hillenburg states that his artistry came from his mother side, in spite of his father’s accomplishments as former US.military and draftsmen.

His maternal mother had a gift for art which one day wished to pursue.1984 Hillenburg’s professional career started at the Orange County Marine Institute, where he established to write an informative comic book which informed his students about Tide-Pool animals.In 1989 he decided to leave teaching and enrolled to the California Institute of Arts to seek his animation career. After success with the short films he was offered a job at Nickelodeon Animated Television Series.Shortly after he  created The SpongeBob Squarepants Movie leading him to resign from a hit series Showrunner but didn’t leave the show entirely; he works as a executive producer. Despite the show’s success and popularity, 2005, the promotional video showing spongebob and other characters singing to “promote diversity and tolerance” causing them to be stormed with hatred from fans and parents.

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Ending with an accusation from James dobson stating ” Accused the video of promoting homosexuality, because it was sponsored by a pro-tolerance group”.Leading to the character SpongeBob sequality to question.Hillenburg had show/movie caused many people to feel anger or hatred against him.Years later numerous obstacles were in the path of hillinburg, parents were debating if spongebob squarepants was educational or affected the kids metabolisms and a cartoonist named Troy walker sued Hillenburg whom claimed he stole the idea of spongebob on the comic strip.

Troy’s statement said that his original concept had SpongeBob as ” the Unemployed Sponge, and the eponymous homemade doll”  the Walker designed approximately 1000 dolls throwing the comic strips. Walker added advertisements in san Francisco and oakland tribune ending up selling insufficient amount of dolls(20).But it didn’t end here walker sued Nickelodeon demanding $1.

6 billion.It was all settled at the northern district federal court leading to charges to be dropped.StephenHillenburg was awarded with many recognitions  two Emmy awards, six Annie Awards and for his “elevating marine life awareness” . In 2017 Stephen Hillenburg was diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) which is a diagnosis that affects the the motor neurons in the spinal cord and stops sending messages to the muscles making your muscles to gradually weaken.Hillenburg portraits several IB profile traits, but those that stand out the most are Risk-Taker and Principled.One of the traits is Risk-Taker I chose it because his content


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