Spoken Language Essay

Spoken language is the study of understanding how we speak and how we change the way we speak depending on who we’re talking to – adults, people our own age etc. Language is developed through our culture, identity or even the environment we are adapted to. Spoken language is used as communicating different emotions to one another whether its’; love, hatred or annoyance. One of the many aspects used in my household is use of questions.Myself my mother and sister tend to ask more open ended questions and rhetorical questions rather than genuine questions whereas my dad likes to get straight to the point and avoids using fillers such as ‘urmm’ or ‘yeah’.

I know this because on my transcript it quotes ‘me- Why that late? (. 3) Dad- Because, that’s the time my shift ends. Me- Cant you hurry up with your work and come home earlier? Dad- Well obviously not. (. 4) And I would if I could but I can’t. ’ I think that women tend to ask more questions as they are quite nosey.Women on average are more curious than men and therefore, like to find out more. In this transcript both me and my dad are turn taking, showing that we are listening to one another and that we are both engaged in this conversation.

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I think I use language in this way because it’s my way of telling my dad that I’m listening to him and that I’m concerned hence, me asking lots of questions. I’ve noticed that when I speak with my parents I don’t use colloquialism as much as I do with my sister or friends such as ‘aliee, wasteman, innit’.I think this is because I have more respect for them as they are older and may find it offending if I use a word they may not know the meaning of. This shows that I able to code-switch from informal English to more formal English when I speak to my parents.

Overall, I think men are people who like their questions to be straight forward, and they don’t want to have long answers as it probably requires them to think a lot, whereas, woman like to think outside the box and use their imagination.


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