Speech Outline Essay

Informative Speech Outline Date: October 11, 2012 Topic reviewed: _____ Topic: Japanese internment camps Purpose: To remind people of a historic event Specific purpose: To inform people on Japanese interment camps Thesis: Introduction: I. Attention:What if you had to be taken from your home and had only given the chance to grab what you could carry. II. Thesis statement: This is important to you to know what came about the U. S. to intern Japanese people.

III. Credibility:I have read multiple article pertaining to Japanese internment camps. IV.Preview: Therefore, I will inform you on why these camps were created, the conditions of these camps, and life after the internment camps. Body: I. On December 7th 1941, the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor. U.

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S. was in fear that this might reoccur A. Franklin D Roosevelt came up with Executive Order 9102 B. The result of order started plans of 10 internment camps (transition) In addition to this the camps were not the best place to be.

II. Living conditions and Life inside the internment camps A. overcrowded and provided poor living conditions B. entire families live in one room (transition) Initially, Japanese were releasedIII. Life after the Japanese interment camps A. B. (transition) Conclusion: I. II.

References: http://www. pbs. org/childofcamp/history/index. html Audience analysis information: In the space below discuss how have you tailored your speech for this particular audience and situation.

Include specific demographic, environmental and audience expectation information you considered important to this speech. I My audience includes…My audieance includes people of all different ages, genders and race. I have not included any racist words that could offend anyone for the reason of my paper being related to racial issues.My environment involves… I will adjust my speech to seem as light hearted and sympathetic, be punctual and explain clearly to why I am informing my audience on this to create the environment I should Audience expectations for this speech include …I expext my ausience to most importantly learn something from what my speech has taught. I expect them to listen and gain some experience or new feeling. Choices I’ve made include… It’s more I have included positive in this essay and left out the negative things I could have said about this speech.


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